A new speaker!

The hecklers were in fine form today, with insightful objections and quick comebacks, and they unsettled the delicate Mr Bashful. Chief perpetrators: Laurence, Peter and Helmut. I guess it was finally their turn to look good. Even the sun is eclipsed now and then.

Gabrielle (pronounced ‘Jabrelle’) turned up with table and chairs, and what a speaker! He had a good crowd (see the video below) the whole day. We hope he continues to come because he inspires fervent discussion.
If there any Christians out there who would like to discuss religion with a Muslim, here is your opportunity!

                                                                                                      A new speaker


Steve Maxwell has a go at the Gallipoli war heroes.

Steve criticises the way we glorify the WW I Anzac war heroes. He explains what really happened. Good old Steve – as controversial as ever.


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