31. The Illuminati!

1. A rally in The Domain demanding action on CO2 emissions prompted the speakers to arrive early. To get parking, yes, but also to have an opportunity to speak with the greenies there. Steve Maxwell entertained a few, and a few vegans gave the delicate Mr B a thorough going over.

The rally itself was a nuisance because of the noise the organisers made. We speakers had trouble being heard.
Last week it was the police helicopter drowning us out.

Could there be a conspiracy? Are the Illuminati once again afraid of the might of Speakers’ Corner?

2. Anna and Wendy bravely got up on the podium and represented Dam Empty? Damn right!
One read a proclamation, the gist of which suggested that everyone has a right to water. For more information go to:

Anna & Wendy

3. The topic of friendship was discussed. Here is some advice:


4. The question was asked: ‘From where do we get morality?’ This scribe does not know if the reply given was deemed satisfactory, but he does know that the picture below is not quite apropos:

conformity & morality

5. Those of you who didn’t attend the Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) recital after we left Speakers’ Corner: you missed something special. David jobs, a master of the instrument, gave his audience an extraordinary treat. With his sublime music he prodded our emotions to awaken them, and then carried us away.
He also told us a few interesting facts about the instrument.
Very much appreciated. Thank you, David!


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