27. Maggie speaks.

“Tolerance is the only real test of civilizations.” 
Arthur Helps.

1. It’s not every day you turn 70, but today that happened to Uncle Pete. However, dear reader, he is not slowing down. He was vociferous as ever, and he didn’t hold back when a young woman bravely stood on The Ladder of Knowledge and spoke her mind. He “et her know clearly that he didn’t agree with what she was saying.

As it happened, that young woman did a great job, and her name is Maggie. Maggie spoke about attitudes and belief systems. She is writing her PhD on the subject and she wasn’t just interesting, she was inspiring. Yes, admittedly, Uncle Pete did disagree with something she said, but then, Uncle Pete sometimes disagrees with Mirko, so we can’t take him too seriously.

Here is Maggie up on the Ladder of Knowledge.

2. Mr B admitted that when he hears of women being raped, and reads about the high rate of domestic violence, he feels a little guilty about being male, even though logic tells him he shouldn’t feel that way.

If he sometimes feels that way, how many other men feel that way?

And why in almost every television situation comedy is the man of the house a boofhead? What message is that sending, and to whom?

Women are quite rightly speaking up about being harassed, but are men beginning to feel defensive? If so, can that partly explain the problems we are having when both men and women feel they aren’t being heard?

3. Other subjects discussed:
– Henry Dudeney’s Wheel Paradox.

– Last week, Mr B presented to his grasshoppers the infinite monkey theorem, and this week Uncle Pete responded. Laurence, our very own hermit crab, gave him a hard time.

– On the Ladder of Knowledge Mirko did a fine job of consistently contradicting himself. He does it purposely, of course, because he likes to play with our heads.

– Should women take responsibility for how vulnerable they make themselves to rape? Or should they insist on being able to do what they want, and demand that men act with honour?

– ‘The Last Leaf’ by O Henry. With a word of advice at the end.

– The Americans have been complaining that the Russians have been interfering with their elections for president. Mr B idly wondered if the Americans have ever interfered with the elections and governments of other nations. The response he received was unequivocal.

– Collective Consciousness. Usually it’s Albert that brings this topic up, but this time Mr B touched on it. With the help of his grasshoppers he listed the professions that were necessary in order to bring the 13 Thai boys from the caves. The point being: it was a joint effort of many professions, and as a species we really can work together when we choose to.

– Yesterday it was Wuthering Heights Day. In Sydney Park more than 300 participants dressed up as Kate Bush and sang the song. Mr B enjoyed the spectacle so much he felt the need to tell us all about it.

4. In our Unusual Animal Serieswe have a Mishmi Takin (a goat-antelope found in the Himalayas). This particular Mishmi Takin doesn’t know we have a Facebook page.




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