32. A short report.

“To protect Fairfax Media and media diversity, we need to increase newspaper sales. To do that, the government needs to legislate that everyone has a hamster and a budgie.”
Mark the Grinner.

1. For reasons unstated this will be a short report. Today the speakers were Steve Maxwell, Maria, Mark the Grinner, Ray, Mr Bashful, Guy (from the Fishers and Shooters Party) and some bloke who only spoke for a minute before doing his lolly and kicking over Steve’s milk crate.

This is not that bloke. This is Guy from the Shooters and Fishers Party.

2. Do you recognise these two?

Helmut and Uncle Pete in Sydney’s State theatre.

3. Here is another photofrom our Unusual Creature Series. This strange animal wouldn’t want to been seen on our Facebook page.

Steve Maxwell



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