June 1. Steve returns tired and emotional.

1st June, 2014.

Mirko was rattled about something. He was discombobulated, irascible, bumfuzzled, cantankerous, dyspeptic and petulant. He gave everyone of us, and my thesaurus, quite a workout.

Ray showed no remorse whatsoever for refusing last week to be flatlined for a few minutes for science. He acted as though nothing had happened. (I guess nothing did happen because he refused, but you know what I mean.) We may give him another opportunity in the future, tempting him with a cut lunch to take with him to ‘the other side’. But honestly, you’d think he’d be pleased to have the opportunity to have a brief word with God.

Helmut came to the park with a sore throat and was, for the most part, a desultory speaker or a quiet observer. At one point he and Tony argued, and Helmut’s voice again boomed over the park. The stentorian abuse he gave Tony was technicolor, and didn’t help his sore throat.

I have put the thesaurus away now.

Tony later told this scribe that Helmut sometimes goes too far in his abuse. Tony is perhaps forgetting his own verbal efforts when standing on his ladder, when he has offended many a theist, jew and homosexual.

Steve Maxwell looked resplendent in his smart white jacket and white hat. He ignored comments suggesting that he looked like a goal umpire. He was in good form. Unfortunately there was only a trickle of passers-by to entertain and edify.

Steve recently holidayed in Europe with his other half, Pauline. At Istanbul airport, Security gently reminded him that he was not allowed to take liquid onto the plane as carry-on luggage. The prospect of leaving his one litre bottle of mulberry wine behind wasn’t an option for Steve. He drank it. The result was interesting enough for an acquaintance to take a photograph. The photograph was sent to Steve and we display it below for the advancement of knowledge.

Steve Maxwell

Steve, tired and emotional at Istanbul airport, accompanied by his ever-patient partner, Pauline.