Tony disgraces himself again.

The Israelis and the ‘Paristinians’ appeared to be the main topic of the day, when Steve and Tony bickered all afternoon. But Tony disgraced himself, yet again, by going too far.

You’re a disgrace, Tony.

And no, we can’t tell you what he said.

Though I guess it’s normal fare for Speakers’ Corner.

Helmut accused Mr B of being a complete ignoramus because he knows nothing about science. Mr B soberly informed Helmut that he, Mr B has forgotten more science than Helmut has ever known. Helmut tested him with questions. Mr B proved his assertion by failing every question. ‘I’ve forgotten,’ he explained.

Then talk degenerated into a simple trivia test between Helmut, Peter the Heckler, and Mr B. The scores were 1-all when play was abandoned.

Speaking of Mr B, he had a fair bit to say about the recent ABC television program, Q&A, and the ideas of its aboriginal panel. Refreshingly, no-one called him racist. Perhaps people are finally figuring out that if criticism isn’t based on skin colour or race, it’s not racism. It’s simply criticism.

Ray snuck off again to harangue the poor punters trying to have a coffee and cake at the nearby kiosk, about Jesus Christ and God’s plans for sinners. Sigh.

Andrew Toth, outspoken heckler, appeared after a few weeks absence. He looked pale, sickly and weak. He hadn’t been ill, he explained, he had been on a cleansing diet.
Huh? We thought diets were supposed to be healthy.

Who needs a liver when you have Andrew Toth’s cleansing diet to get rid of toxins?

Who needs Dr Philip Nitschke when Andrew Toth’s cleansing diet is available?

Thank you, Andrew, for giving us more confidence in our steak and chips.