Rained out again!

Rain looked likely, which is probably why Helmut, Ray and Mirko didn’t show up.

Mr B began his meeting examining Kavka’s Toxin Puzzle, and from then on the discussion was peripatetic. While this scribe checks his dictionary try to imagine three topics discussed back and forth for an hour: can we manufacture emotions? Can we fake them? Will Mr B front up with the million dollars he promised David?

By 3pm Mr B had lost control of the meeting and the plot. Rain saved him. He and his grasshoppers scattered to stand under the Art Gallery’s verandah and wait for the rain to cease. Peter the Heckler looked into the sky and sagely promised that in five minutes the rain would clear.

We trusted him.

Shortly afterwards the rain did cease and we returned to our spot, but Peter went home under the pretext that he was cold, leaving us to be drenched again fifteen minutes later when rain really set in.

In that brief window of no rain, Gary the Hemp Man and Mr B had a colourful debate about the merits of ‘simply being’. Mr B argued it was New-Age jargonistic bullshit, and Gary argued that Mr B had a closed mind. Both men may have been right.

When the rain resumed the debate was cut short and the meeting adjourned. Until Good Friday. Usual time. Weather and Mirko permitting.

David the Interested and Steve Maxwell collected the chairs in the rain and left them by the bus stop, while Mr B trudged back to his car in the rain. What fun.

It was still raining when Mr B returned with his car to collect the chairs. And David and Steve were still there to help him pack them.

Thank you, gentlemen.

And thank you to the rangers who generously ignore Mr B’s illegally parked car while he unpacks and packs his chairs. Much appreciated.

At one point in the discussion the subject of authenticity arose. The meme below adds a little.

Be yourself