A dismal day.

1. It was a dismal day that promised rain but didn’t deliver. The brave speakers who turned up despite the gloom were the irrepressible Steve Maxwell, who chose to be irreverent; the irreplaceable Mr B, who chose to be irresistible; and the irrefutable Helmut, who chose to be irascible.

Five irrelevant hecklers turned up: irritating Tony, irrational Jovo, irreligious Laurence, irritable Kevin and irresponsible Jack.

Why was the normally unassuming Jack irresponsible? Because Jack was using for the ‘wallpaper’ on his phone a photograph of Mr B talking to an empty path. The caption: ‘Mr B talking to all his adoring fans.’
Ha ha ha. Not funny.
That is irresponsible and highly irregular, Jack. We hope you soon come to your senses.

2. The YouTube channel that hosts the Speakers’ Corner videos has reached a milestone: 100 subscribers. That means, every time a new video is uploaded for the general public it is automatically sent to 100 people.
You would think then that each video would get 100 people watching it, minimum. But no. Most of the videos are no more popular than herpes.

3. To add to the bleakness of the day, the sex life of Mr B was questioned. Poor Mr B. He gives up his precious Sunday afternoons to serve humanity by turning up to Speakers’ Corner and answering Life’s big questions. Yet, for his troubles he has to suffer the indignity of being asked mindless questions about the frequency of his copulations. The hecklers sure have a lot to answer for.
Understandably the question was left unanswered, but the picture below might provide a clue.

2. Joke cartoon