Good Friday.

1.The gallery was closed to everyone but a few people entering and leaving. We assume they were staff or thieves with keys.

Mr B was the only speaker there, and he had a smaller crowd that usual. Two of his grasshoppers were art students (who probably came thinking the gallery was open). Mr B generously explained to them why the Mona Lisa should be burnt, and they drew while they listened. It’s called multi-tasking. Instead of being ardent listeners, or focusing solely on their drawing, the two students managed to perform both tasks, and ended up with doodles and only the gist of what was said. Brilliant. Would the Sistine Chapel be so beautiful had Michael Angelo been listening to a podcast while he painted it?

Anyway, here is a work of art we hope the fussy Mr B approves of.


2. The subject of aliens on other planets was discussed. Mr B claimed that creatures on Earth are just as interesting as any alien that might be out there on another wannabe planet. He gave the octopus as an example. That’s a creature with three hearts, blue blood, four pairs of arms, and the ability to camouflage itself in a split second. It can also eject ink to defend itself, squeeze through a hole in a colander, and unfailingly predict the winners of World Cup Soccer matches. It allows itself to starve to death instead of leaving its unhatched eggs unprotected. The octopus is astonishingly weird, but we take it for granted.

Here is another example of a creature on Earth as weird as any alien we can imagine. It’s called a Tardigrade:

aliens - tardigrade

3. Mr B also spoke about mind opening drugs, as well as weight loss. Here is a message that combines the two:

LSD loses weight