Ross May photo found.

1.’I have a dream . . .’ So began the middle bit of Dr Martin Luther King’s famous speech in 1968. That transformative, heartfelt speech vividly expressed King’s radiant vision of hope and justice for all American people. That speech crossed the divide between white and black, and throughout the world inspired people to question their beliefs and assumptions. Even today, those magic words inspire subjugated people to stand against injustice and tyranny.

In similar vein, Mister B gave a speech last Sunday at the Rationalist society.

2. We have a 1970’s photo of Ross May, also known as ‘The Skull’. Ross is delightfully posing for the camera in his full Nazi uniform while an offsider describes how to make a pavlova. Thanks to Victor Zammit for the photo.

Ross May

3. Mr B generously provides his grasshoppers with opinions, but now and then a grasshopper defects. It happened today. The subject was ‘beggars and homelessness’, and our latest regular, Eliana, had the temerity to disagree with Mr B. The photo below is a healthy compromise.


4. The subject of success cropped up. We don’t know why, because Mr B is the antithesis of success. Success and Mr B are like matter and antimatter: when they meet they cancel each other out. Nevertheless, the subject was discussed. This photograph from the postsecret website provides one version of success. As usual, click to enlarge.

Success 2

5. Recently a heckler claimed that animals don’t feel emotion. Here is one video that suggests they do.

6. Here is another:

7. A heated discussion about the merits of gay marriage has prompted his scribe to include an interesting and moving video from a TED talk.