16. Easter Sunday

“I like to imagine the older children on the Easter Egg hunt, without their parents’ guidance turning to the younger children and cheerily sharing their eggs with them, knowing with surety that its not their eggs which make them rich, but having the ability to find those eggs, and the capacity to give them away.”

1. Mr B listed all the reezons wy we need to change the spelling of words and get rid of apostrofes, and we kan begin by teeching primary skool children, he sez. Yor skribe thinks he has a point.

However, because your scribe is not a primary school child I will continue to spell poorly.

I have no idea what Ray or Steve talked about today, because I didn’t hear what they had to say. I also have no idea what Mirko talked about, even though I did hear what he had to say.

Today was Easter Sunday so Mr B thoughtfully explained what would happen if the Messiah returned to Earth, as promised. In short, it would be a disaster for the Messiah. So, don’t expect a visit any time soon, says Mr B.

But at least the Easter Bunny keeps appearing, year after year.

2. Other subjects discussed.
– Should we be acknowledging the Gadigal people of the Eora nation each week? Mr B explained why it is important that we do, and why it is important that we don’t.

– Will Helmut get off his Austrian derriére and become a speaker again across the way from Mr B, or won’t he?

-“Australia is a warm, open and generous nation and it will not discriminate in any way.”So said Malcolm Turnbull. Mr B told us that when it comes to potential immigrants, it is important that we DO discriminate. However, not by ethnicity, nationality, skin colour or creed, but by . . .

– Mr B wanted to know, “Why do refugees have children in refugee camps, knowing that their child might be locked up for their entire life?” The answers put forth by his grasshoppers were unsatisfying.

– “Have I saved lives?” asked Mr B. On one hand, we are told blood donors save lives; on the other hand, had Mr B not given blood for thirty years, the hospital would simply have given patients someone else’s blood. The patients would have lived. So, has he saved lives or hasn’t he? No one in Speakers’ Corner knew. Or cared.

– One passer-by said we shouldn’t be teaching primary school children about inter-sexuals and transgender people. “It’s not appropriate,” she said. She was met with agreement and disagreement. It’s fair to say that Uncle Pete was ‘forward’ in expressing his opinion to the woman.

– “Did we evolve from monkeys?” asked one sceptical passer-by. Translated, that means, “God created us all.” Mr B nevertheless told him no, we didn’t evolve from monkeys, and why.

(Why don’t memes like the one above use a picture of a monkey, not an ape?)

3. In our Unusual Creature Series we present to you the honey badger of Africa, South-west Asia and the Indian subcontinent. This individual tried to eat our Facebook page.