17. Daniel Ford’s book on Speakers’ Corner

‘We should, I believe, be judged by our compromises more than by our ideals and norms. Ideals may tell us something important about what we’d like to be, but compromises tell us who we are.’
Professor Marghareta

1. Unfortunately, your diligent scribewas unable to attend Speakers’ Corner today and can therefore not report on what happened. No doubt Steve Maxwell was at his brilliant best, Ray would have been spreading his important message in his own affable way, Helmut would have again bathed the crowd with his charisma and science, and Mirko’s weekly science lesson would have been a treat.

If anyone else got to speak, this poor scribe missed it.

Mr B would not have been there either. He is having his wisdom teeth put back in. He’ll be away next week too.

Why was this unlucky scribe not present to record what happened today at Speakers’ Corner? Because I am suffering mild smoke inhalation. Yesterday, a four story building was on fire, and someone in the street screamed, “My kittens! My three beautiful kittens! Please, someone save them!” Naturally, I ran into the building with a sledgehammer to break down doors. I was determined to save those kittens!

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the kittens. But I did manage to save two jewellery boxes and a bag of gold sovereigns someone had hidden in the back of a sock drawer. But being a hero has its drawbacks; the mild smoke inhalation has forced me to stay in bed and recuperate.

2. In 1970 and 1971 Daniel Ford took photographs at Speakers’ Corner and he has now placed the most splendid of them in his new book, “The Outside ‘in’ Place“. Daniel has kindly allowed your grateful scribe to exhibit a few of those photos. Enjoy!

You can buy Daniel’s book. It is A4  80gsm double-sided laser-printed, with laminated covers, comb-bound. The photos in both books (hard copy and PDF) have a much higher resolution than in the examples below.
Hard copy: including postage: $26
PDF file (via download link): $12
To get a copy contact Daniel: dfnojunk@gmail.com

Photos under the copyright of Daniel Ford.





3. Thank youto the person who sent in this look-a-like of Steve.

4. Special notice:this scribe has for sale this diamond ring, valued at more than $30,000. A quick sale is necessary. It smells of smoke, so you can have it for just $5,000. More jewellery will be for sale over the coming weeks, but grab this ring while you can!

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Afterwards, make a mental note to yourself to have a reason for doing things.