An historical perspective.

1.It’s encouraging to see that we speakers at Speaker’s Corner now have a few irregular regulars. That means: people visit every few weeks and stay a while. If all the regulars were to come on the one day we’d have a crowd.

What would that be like?

It was nice to see David the Interested has returned from his sojourn on The Gold Coast. And it was good to see Rochelle getting up on the ladder again. A breath of fresh air, with her view being cogent and well expressed.

As for seeing Andrew Toth get up on the ladder again, and kindly offer to flash any woman wanting the experience, we can only shake our heads.

After his generous offer was rejected by everyone he then explained how Asians multitask, by being spiritual and killers at the same time. (The Shaolin.) That’s unlike us Westerners, who either become spiritual, or become killers, but not both.

2. Of course, there are regular regulars, too. Ones like Tony. Tony is adept at summing up an argument ten minutes after the discussion of a topic has concluded. He makes the point the speaker was trying to make all along.

3. Jokes were told and science discussed. Here is something which combines the two.

4. Tony Robinson’s ‘Time Walks’ was broadcast on Friday night on the ABC, and watched by hundreds of millions of viewers. Included in the blockbuster was a segment on Speakers’ Corner, which was sadly underwhelming. We speakers looked like we were standing in a paddock talking to air.

They had persuaded us to go on Wednesday (they couldn’t film Sunday) and we had protested that the place would look dead. They promised to film in such a way that the place would not look dead, and we foolishly believed them and complied with their request. Oh dear.

We had been hoping that a good portion of those millions of viewers would be gobsmacked to learn that Speakers’ Corner was still going, and would rush to Speakers’ Corner on Sunday drooling with anticipation.

Mr B asked his listeners to raise a hand if they had seen the documentary and had come to Speakers’ Corner because of it.

Not one hand was raised.


5. Here’s what the Domain looked like in 1966:

Sometimes, hundreds of people would sit around the speaker, and hundreds more would stand on the periphery. Nowadays we supply chairs, and today someone complained that the chairs were not comfortable enough. Another sigh.

6. Mr B went on about his ‘balloon factory’ again, and linked it with the submarines to be built in South Australia. This scribe is still not clear about what balloons have to do with submarines. (Do they inflate them to make the sub rise?) Anyway, here is a picture just as irrelevant, but with a sensible message.

Balloon factory