June 8. Helmut is accused.

June 8th, 2014.

Poor Mr Bashful lost his voice yelling at the garden gnomes heckling him. Helmet helpfully pointed out that fact to him, and advised him to learn how to yell without losing his voice. Helmut’s observations and advice are invaluable to Mr Bashful.

Speaking of Helmut: he was at his colourful best answering questions from Tony Boyce. Tony claims he once saw Helmut working in a Kings Cross strip club. Helmut’s descriptions of Tony’s antics in the strip club are both amusing and disturbing. Ugh. How true any of Tony’s claims are remains doubtful. Nevertheless, those of us unlucky enough to be present at this discussion have in our minds images we can well do without.

Tony (Colonel Cliché) didn’t just heckle Helmut. He interrupted other speakers to make observations which had nothing to do with the topic in hand. We are certainly blessed to have Tony with us at Speakers’ Corner.

Mitch, the ‘All is consciousness’ speaker, actually had three guys waiting for him. Not to rough him up (which the rest of us think would be the sensible action to take), but to learn more of his theories. Mitch obliged by filling their heads with quantum stuff. They eventually left him, no doubt enlightened and confused.

Ray was his cheery self. We speakers and hecklers have forgiven him for his refusal to be flatlined a fortnight ago. How can anyone hold a grudge with someone who has such a disarming smile?
Even when Ray is telling you that you will be going to hell, his smile is a winning one.

Mirko was absent, which is a touch worrying. Yes, it was a chilly day, but Mirko has made the journey to speak at Speakers’ Corners on far worse days. Rainy days, even. We hope he is well. It was noticeably quieter without him.
(Not that we’re complaining.)

It is obvious that Steve Maxwell has recovered from his jet lag (??), because he was in sparkling form again. There is good news: from now on, Steve will be providing us with a treat on this site – a new weekly article featuring excepts from the book he is writing on the worlds’ Speakers Corners. (Find them in the Speakers’s Corner site in the page, ‘Steve Maxwell’s Passing Parade’.