2. Our ABC is a bully!

“If the mind was simple enough that we could understand it, we’d be too simple to understand the mind.”

1. Speakers’ Corner is more popular than this scribe suspected, because nearly all the regulars turned up today depite the heavy drizzle threatening to wash out the meeting.

But the rain kept pests away!

Uncle Pete was the first to ascend the Ladder of Knowledge and we were treated to anecdotes of his school teaching days. Most entertaining. He had us wanting to know what became of the students.

2. When Mr B took the Ladder of Knowledge he began with a criticism of the ABC. He said the ABC often has segments criticising bullying, but is quite happy to bully journalist Eddie McGuire for weeks on end, in a promo that has someone calling him a ‘snake’, ‘boring’ and ‘greedy’. Mr B concluded that with that hypocrasy, the ABC’s funding should be cut in half from 1.4 billion dollars a year to a mere 700 million dollars a year.

Isn’t that a touch drastic, Mr B?

A young ABC bullying a young Eddie McQuire.

3. Mr B spent twenty minutes explaining why for sixty thousand years, the Australian Aborigines would have experienced far more severe bushfires than the ones we are experiencing today. He said that for millions of years much larger conflagrations would have been common, and the country’s flora and fauna evolved in response.

Further, Greg (a regular) pointed out that there have been 18 major governmental enquiries into bushfires since 1939, with most of the recommendations being ignored. We were all appalled to hear that Prime Minister ‘Slo-Mo’ (Scott Morrison) this morning announced yet another major enquiry. Is he aiming to resurrect his flagging reputation?

Birds start fires to flush out insects.

4. We had Andrew Toth speaking about the electromagnetic field around each of us, and how those fields interact with the fields of other people. There were plenty of cries of “bullshit” from the audience.

Could this have been Andrew’s way to make up for Mirko’s absence?

5. Mark the Grinner began his talk on the Ladder of Knowledge by responding to Mr B’s criticism of history last week. (Mr B calls history ‘mental sugar’.) Then Mark criticised Australia by criticising America. Why insult one country when you can insult two?


6. Other topics discussed:
– the effectiveness of hazard reduction.

– Are either the greenies, or the Greens policitical party, partly responsible for the bushfires? Do they hinder hazard reduction burnoffs? Mr B said no; nor do they try to in nearly all applications. As you would expect, there was disagreement.
(On the Green Party’s website: “The Australian Greens support hazard reduction burns and backburning to reduce the impact of bushfires when guided by the best scientific, ecological and emergency service expertise.”)

– Aboriginal fire management. How did they do it, and for what reasons?

– Helmut spoke about the corruption and match fixing in large tennis tournaments.

– What Ray and Steve Maxwell spoke about, your scribe doesn’t know. How about you turning up one day and listening to them, and letting me know? I only have two ears.

– Scott Morrison has not been the most popular politician at Speakers’ Corner lately.

7. This week’s unusual critter in our Unusual Critter Series is the flightless and nocturnal Kakapo parrot, endemic to New Zealand. It has been confused by our change of website address and now prefers our Facebook page.