A message for our vegetarian.

1.A beautiful day!
Mr Bashful spoke about:
– Was Mitch right? Do rocks really have consciousness? Even just a teeny-weeny bit?
– The Port Arthur memorial should not have gone ahead, said Mr B. See the video below.
– The ghostly ‘self’ that returned to a brain damaged accident victim. Spooky.
– Who makes whose reality?
– The connective powers of modern technology – are they helpful or hindering? (The grasshoppers excelled themselves with this topic.)
– Did Mr B fail his sister? (That prompted some consternation!)

Peter the Heckler spoke about:
– The Parramatta Eels, and how they should not have had their points taken from them. See the video below.
– What skills to parents and teachers need when dealing with kids?
– Peter spoke about some of the tricks of the trade in teaching children. Including a few great anecdotes.

Steve Maxwell spoke about:
– the history of Australia’s Eureka Stockade.
– How religion is nonsensical.
– Australians’ paranoia about refugees.

Andrew Toth spoke about:
– the dual nature of humanity
– The Rosicrucians.
(It was a pleasure to have him speak again. Andrew is a lively speaker and always welcome.)

Helmut spoke briefly about science and metaphysics, and Ray didn’t turn up.

Speaking of humanity, this picture seems to say it all . . .


2. Our regular vegan visitor, Socrates, said he believes in reincarnation. After making this declaration he was asked to come back as an Angus cow, to be served on a plate with gravy for Mr B.
That encounter prompts the inclusion of this meme:
(Click to enlarge.)

3. Because Mr B got a plug with his new Facebook page last week, we guess it’s only fair that we give one of our regulars, John August, a plug as well. John has a radio show every Tuesday from noon until 2pm. You’ll find him on 88.9 FM. (Radio Skid Row. Out of Marrickville.)

In between music tracks John chats amiably, as though he is sitting across the kitchen table from you. He talks about current affairs that don’t get aired on mainstream media. Absorbing stuff.

Set your alarm for Tuesday, noon.

4. Speaking of Mr B’s Facebook page, it still only has one solitary ‘Like’.

It would be laughable if it weren’t so pitiable. Or the other way around.

His low numbers could be due to the fact that his only loyal following died two years ago.

Admittedly, the fact that Mr B’s Facebook count did not increase by even one since the plug we gave him last week does not say much for the advertising prowess of this site. Sigh.

5. The Youtube channel for Speakers’ Corner now has over 200 subscribers. In terms of influence, that translates into one half of bugger all.