20. It’s a community!

“An epitaph is an inscription which hopes the virtues acquired by death will have a retroactive effect”.
Ambrose Bierce

1.  Today the camera-shyJohn August began speaking on the Ladder of Knowledge. However, before he got into his stride, a photographer turned up. John promptly vacated the Ladder. Then Mr B gave us some bull dust about his experience under anaesthesia, and then was replaced by Mirko. Mirko had a few things to say about H2O and the sun’s hydrogen, and the crowd were entertained. Then Uncle Pete took over and gave a very interesting appraisal of the National Appraisal Program for school children, NAPLAN. In his engaging manner, Pete made a good point about the tests that this scribe hasn’t heard elsewhere. He even earned a round of applause.

It was a friendly atmosphere today. The place really does seem to have a sense of community. It was a pleasure to be there.

Unfortunately, your scribe had to leave. I was keen to get back home to watch the replay of Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

2. Speaking of Mr B: as you know, Mr B has recently had surgery to have two wisdom teeth and an appendix implanted. He tells me that some of you have offered him assistance while he recuperates. He informs me that he would like to humbly take up your offer.

Mr B would like his house painted, inside and out. He is well enough to choose the colours. As for the paint and brushes, he wants quality and he doesn’t care how much they cost. He says he might even contribute a few dollars himself.

Would all of you who offered assistance please turn up tomorrow morning and form a working bee. Mr B is prepared to put up with the inconvenience for the next two weeks and we thank him for that.


3. On behalf of Mr B,this scribe would like to thank Peter the Younger. Mr B left early, a bit out of sorts, and the gracious Peter walked him all the way to his car, to make sure he got there safely. It’s people like Peter the Younger who give Speakers’ Corner its sense of community. Thank you, Peter, for looking after Mr B! Much appreciated.