21. Religion vs Science

“Yesterday is a cancelled cheque. Tomorrow is little more than a promisary note. Today is cash. It is real. It is tangible, and you and I have to spend it wisely.”

1. The drizzle before 2pm didn’t scare away our speakers and it turned out to be a beautiful Goldilocks day.

Mr B had barely stepped onto the Ladder of Knowledge when Ray and Helmut got into a D & M. (Not to be confused with an S & M, which was for later, presumably.) Mr B figured that if Helmut wanted to debate with Ray, then he might as well stand on the Ladder of Knowledge and do it. Helmut agreed, and he was soon entertaining his audience so well that Mr B found himself grabbing a few chairs and setting up elsewhere.

He soon found a handful of fresh grasshoppers willing to listen.

Ray spent the entire day in Helmut’s audience. (No one was sitting on the wet chairs of the kiosk, so there was no audience for Ray.) He seemed to enjoy his ‘holiday’ from saving people’s souls.

Steve Maxwell drew big crowds all day, spending most of the afternoon discussing the winners and losers of the Federal Budget.

With all three speakers holding crowds it was like Speakers’ Corner of old.

Mirko was as troublesome as ever. You can understand why some animals eat their offspring.

It was a very enjoyable day.

Helmut and Ray discussed science and religion amicably.

2. The something nice segment. To charm some and irritate others.

3. Mothers’ Day poem.

4. Other subjects discussed:

– Mr B explained to a Jewish man why there is no such thing as a jew, and explained to a French lass why there is no such thing as a French lass. And, he told an Englander why there such a thing as an Englander. All three took the sad news well.

– The God Particle.

– The meaning of life. Guess whose Meaning of Life involves a white hollow bust of a good hearted devil? And, when one grasshopper pictured an ocean full of goldfish, what the hell did that mean?

– The origin of the universe.

– Eat your veggies.

– The hardship suffered in North Korea.

– James Hardie should NOT compensate ex-employees suffering asbestosis or mesothelioma. (Yes, that old chestnut.)

– Mr B told two shy little girls how to get over their shyness, and why they should. Eventually they overcame their shyness and asked him a question, just to shut him up.

5. Our Facebook page has not yet suffered the ransomware cyber attack that has beleaguered countless people in 150 countries. Nor has our Archive site. Make use of them while you can, because this scribe is damned sure he won’t be paying any ransom.