What do we talk about?

1.Mirko, bless his twisted heart, gave the vigorous Helmut Cerncic, the vehement Victor Zammit, and the virile Mr B a hard time with his nonsensical interruptions. Mirko often talks about harnessing Mother Nature’s free energy. If only we could get him to harness the power of his bulldust, and put it on the grid. We would have power too cheap to meter.

mirko 2

2. The topics discussed were:
Steve Maxwell:
– Stalin and Hitler’s purges.
– Political activism and its role in society.
– He also read from the Green’s magazine, ‘Green Voice’.
He had a good crowd all day, though he had to leave early.

Ray and Helmut? Ray wasn’t there, and Helmut was talking 21st century science to intrigued onlookers.

Mr B tried to talk about ways we can increase our happiness, his two phobias, and our beliefs about restaurants, but was derailed by the very questions he keeps asking for. The group spoke about:
– exercise. Does it suck?
– a better curriculum for schools, including the eradication of religious classes,
– should sport in schools be banned, and replaced by learning?
– How did the spirits in the afterlife evolve, if we accept that we evolved through natural selection?
– psychics, cold reading, magicians and astrology, all jumbled up. With some chap identifying photos of the dead.
– We also talked about the Skeptics’ million dollar offer, for proof of any of the above.
– Are the varying races of humans sub-species?
– Have races evolved personality traits like they have physical traits?
– Facebook and Twitter addiction.
– Greg kept interjecting, giving us interesting facts all afternoon. And Tony kept interjecting.
– How did flightless birds and eyeless fish evolve? (An attacking Cassowary below.)


3. Speaking of Facebook and Twitter addiction:


4. And speaking of psychics, here is one man who does seem to have the gift of being psychic. Decide for yourself. Remarkable.

(If you can’t read the subtitles click in the ‘box’ in the lower right hand side to enlarge the video.)

5. We also talked about premonitions, like when someone dreams the plane is going to crash, and it does.


7. Questions were raised by a grasshopper about the truth of the Port Arthur massacre twenty years ago. There is a film being made of it which suggests the truth has been hidden. Waleed Aly, on the television program, ‘The Project’, interviewed the film maker and made him look less credible than Prince Fahud from Nigeria, who is looking for someone to briefly hold his one billion dollars. Grasshopper, see for yourself just how shonky the guy is by watching the video.

8. The number of people subscribing to Mr B’s Facebook page has finally begun to plateau. At the time of the publication of this post he has one subscriber.

Would you please stop laughing.

9.The number of Facebook fans for Speakers’ Corner has soared from 14 to 15.

I said please stop laughing.

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