23. A retraction demanded.

1.A retraction has been demanded. This humble scribe wrote on this site two weeks ago: ‘We also talked about consciousness, and somehow it was linked with the origin of the universe, migratory birds, and Mr B’s camera, for goodness sake. It was even claimed that trees have consciousness. Holy moly. Despite such foolishness . . . ‘

Today a grasshopper objected to the words, saying he said no such thing, and he wanted to not be associated with the word ‘foolishness’.

This scribe will, in accordance with the man’s wishes’, point out that the word ‘foolishness’ in the above paragraph only applies to the belief that trees and cameras might have consciousness. If the man doesn’t hold that view, (and apparently he doesn’t) he’s in the clear.

Mind you, while this was being discussed, others did put forth the view that trees and rocks might have consciousness. For them the word ‘foolishness’ applies.

I think I can safely concur with Mr B on this one: trees do NOT have consciousness in any sense of the word, and to make the suggestion that they might have consciousness will inspire from both of us the word ‘foolishness’. If anyone – (and this challenge applies to the seven billion inhabitants of this planet, though this blog is only seen by about half of them) – wishes to argue that trees might have consciousness, they can take it up with Mr B this coming Sunday. Bring your translator with you if English is your second language, and be prepared to hear the word ‘foolishness’ in the language of your choice.

This scribe now hopes the man making the objection is mollified.

Many ‘thanks’ to Peter the Heckler, who enjoyed stirring the pot on that topic today.

2. Speaking of Peter the Heckler, he has something to say about The Bible.

3. What other things were spoken about?
This scribe does not know what Ray and Steve spoke about. This scribe was too busy listening to the beleaguered Mr B fend off objections all afternoon. The man has the patience of a saint.

The topics discussed in Mr B’s circle were:
– Global Warming. It was suggested to Mr B that it’s not due to human behaviour. After all, 97% of greenhouse gases are water vapour. The CO2 humans produce is a negligible percent of the remaining 3%.

– Mr B described his walk to Omeo while talking to younger versions of himself.

– Are energy and matter the same thing? Are ice and water the same thing?
– Lines from the song ‘Where do you go to My lovely?’ by Peter Sarstedt were quoted, and we were told why the song applies to each and every one of us.

– The 2nd coming of Jesus Christ – if he came to Earth would he quickly be rendered irrelevant? Would he end up in the society pages of B-grade newspapers? Or would he create genocide bringing in the apocalypse? Or both?

– It was put forth that Muhammad Ali was just a narcissistic buffoon like Donald Trump, adept at saying how good he was. But because Ali was only a boxer, no-one had to take him seriously, and it was easy to view him in a favourable light, and consider him light entertainment. The current ‘send-off’ was just the media doing what they do best: making a poignant meal out of it.

– We spoke of other reasons for Third World poverty, which included the sneaky financial practices of First World nations.

– Every twenty minutes a man at the back would yell out ‘Neither candidate for the Australian federal election will explain how they plan to get rid of our trillion dollar debt!’ until one woman cried back, ‘Bill Shorten has!’ The rest of us shrugged. Then Mr B generously explained why debt is usually a good thing.

– Even the Kennett Curse got a mention.

Not one person mentioned toothpicks.