24. The Mad Hatter visits.

1. The Mad Hatter (Steve Maxwell) again handed out ‘cups of tea’ to passers-by, and received smiles for his trouble. Regular listener Laurence had ten cups of tea, but nobody told him that each ‘cup of tea’ was a cardboard cutout, and he had to visit the Art Gallery’s toilet three times.

2. The shy Mr Bashful was criticised a number of times by passers-by, for his habit of insulting members of the audience. Mr B did indeed insult a few regulars in the audience, but it’s not his fault they’re idiots.

People skills

3. Mr B was also vehemently informed that arresting someone for illegal parking was unconstitutional. Mr B admires the men who wrote the constitution in 1900 for having the forethought and percipience to include such matters.

4. As usual, Ray the Christian obligingly answered this week’s questions from Mr B. However, this time a challenge to a debate was issued, and accepted. This coming Sunday Peter the Heckler and Ray will debate the question:

If God designed the universe, who designed God?

Each man will have the opportunity to present his case and rebut the other’s argument. Helmut will be the moderator.

5. In his latest rant, Peter talks about the relationship between the police and the public.