24. Washed out!

1.Today was washed out again. By rain, not by sea level rise. That’s not for another year or two.

2. Steve Maxwell hosted a lovely party from 5pm. It was held at the Freethought bookshop to honour the imminent demise of the bookshop itself. Steve, David, Laurence, Tony and Mr B were the only Domain participants, but there were a few from the Rationalist’s Society. Steve gave a little history of the place, and David played his shakuhachi flute. We are lucky to have David, who doesn’t just play the thing, he is a master of it. Beautiful.
The food was fantastic. And plenty of plonk. Thanks Steve and Pauline!

3. Given that we can’t tell you what happened at Speakers’ Corner today, here is a puzzle for you to ponder instead. Your job is to work out how many of the photographs below are of dogs, not blueberry muffins.

Dog or ? 2.jpg-large

Place your answer in an envelope (include a stamped, self-addressed envelope) and post it to Africa. Winners will be announced in August.

4. You’re totally welcome to keep ignoring our Facebook page and the previous posts in the archives. If all seven billion people on the planet choose to ignore both sites, if can’t be a coincidence. They must know something this scribe doesn’t.