25. A new blog from Mr B.

1. Norm gave a rant, (you can see it in the third column), though Norm doesn’t see it as a rant. He sees it as providing an important public service.

As demonstrated in the past, Norm has the charming habit of asking for questions, and when one is asked of him, he refuses to answer it. Today he got close to actually answering a question. ‘Close’ being the operative word.

2. As usual, insults flew. They flew between Norm and Peter, Norm and Mark, Mark and Steve, Helmut and Tony . . . well, they flew all over the place. Yet, the rudeness seems to be part of the attraction of Speakers’ Corner, but not just because the insults are occasionally humorous (‘occasionally’ being the operative word), but because they indicate comfort in speaking freely. We can say what we want without having to beat about the bush, and without worrying if our insults will offend. We stick to insulting the regulars only, knowing our insults won’t be taken to heart.

It’s an aspect of free speech often ignored, but an important one.

3. On this site Steve has his ‘Passing Parade’, Peter has page of rants, (though there isn’t a rant this week), and Ray has his page of questions. Mr B felt left out, and has created his own segment of snippets. He hopes (‘hope’ being the operative word) that his snippets are shared by people who actually like them. He hopes the people receiving them will be prompted to look for his main website. Good luck to him.

4. Mr B has been busy creating another blog. Thirteen years ago he composed a crossnumber puzzle, and has now chosen to reveal it to humanity. Shush. Can you hear the sound of seven billion souls being enriched? Click here to see his puzzle. (A warning: it isn’t easy.)

5. There were a few questions about creativity today. The advice below might clear things up a little:

1. Craft supplies