26. Do you really love someone?

1.It was a beautiful day if you were lucky enough to sit in the warm sunny part. Some of the subjects discussed:
– God. (Thanks, Ray.)
– Education. (Thanks, Peter.)
– The White Australia Policy. (Thanks, Steve.)
– Language and its significance. (Thanks, Helmut.)
– Forgiveness, and how not to do it. (Thanks, Mr B.)
– Australian racism. (Thanks, Tony. Go back to New Zealand.)
– Real love. (Would you die for someone?) (Thanks, Albert.)

2. Free will was also discussed, prompting this:

Free will

3. The question was asked, ‘How do you deal with dark emotions like envy. Mr B suggested we:
(1) label it, to identify what we are feeling.
(2) Then accept that we have it. Give it permission to be with us for as long as it likes.
(3) Listen to its message. For example, what do we lack in our life that prompts us to envy what someone else has? What do we fear?
He claims this will help us deal with the emotion AND reduce its intensity.

This scribe thinks that’s hearty codswallop, and recommends this meme instead:

Getting thru bad days

4. Last week Peter the Heckler was reprimanded for trying (and failing) to guess the end of Mr Bashful’s story. For homework he was to get on his roof and promise out loud ten times to never do it again. But today, while Mr B was telling a joke, Peter interjected and tried to guess its ending. It seems Peter has a propensity to be in a hurry and be desperate to get to the finish. And gets it all wrong as a consequence.

We feel for his wife.

5. The question was asked, ‘What is love?’ and the speaker produced a poem in response:

What it is, by German poet, Erich Fried.

It is madness, says Reason.
It is what it is, says Love.

It is unhappiness, says Caution.
It is nothing but pain, says Fear.
It has no future, says Insight.
It is what it is, says Love.

It is ridiculous, says Pride.
It is foolish, says Caution.
It is impossible, says Experience.
It is what it is, says Love.

Indignant, the questioner pointed out that the poem didn’t answer the question, and insisted on a proper answer. Then, while the speaker was gobsmacked, the questioner provided an answer of his own.

Here’s an expression of love from the postsecret website that would not meet the questioner’s high standards unless death were involved. (Real love means you’d die for the person, apparently.)

love 2

6. Is there any point at all in mentioning our Facebook page and archives site?