26. Two pests at Speakers’ Corner.

1. Mirko and Tony were in fine form today. Not as speakers, but as hecklers. More accurately, not as hecklers, but as pests. Tony is still undisputed champion of saying the painful obvious, especially when it’s not relevant to the point being made, and Mirko is champion of the unintelligible interruption, loud and strong. We don’t know what it would be like without them at Speakers’ Corner. But we would like to find out.

2. Mr B implored this scribe to include the picture below. Given that he is a contributor to this site, and a speaker, we will humour him by doing so. (The fact that he runs this site was a factor too.)

1. Hawthorn

3. The passers-by discussed the difference between thoughts and feelings, prompting this scribe to include the following:

Pain = thoughts