28. No Halloween at Speakers’ Corner

1. Fun and games today, when two speakers, Steve Maxwell and Mr B, debated about whether or not Aborigines exist. There was even an Aborigine there, Jason, who kept both men on their toes.

Peter the Heckler was in fine form, taking umbrage at important and trivial things alike. Tony was annoying, like a radio station that isn’t on the dial properly, and Jovo was still in fine Halloween form, making no sense at all.

Thank goodness Jason and David were there to ask sensible questions.

Sometimes the discussion degenerated into a shouting match, and things got worse from there. The debate and consequent discussion went for over two hours, though a big proportion of that was a brief anecdote about Sammy Davis Junior. If that makes sense it shouldn’t.

In the entire time, thankfully, there was only one accusation of ‘Racist!’


The postcard above came from the PostSecret website.

2. In the remaining hour, the subject of problematic children came up. Here’s another postcard from the PostSecret website that sums up the sentiment expressed:

it's you

3. We have another episode of Steve Maxwell’s popular segment, Passing Parade. Today he talks about Frank Barnes, one of the best speakers ever in the Domain. See below.

4. It must be mentioned that the humble Mr B looks far younger than he is. On Thursday night he was refused admittance to a pub function because he couldn’t provide identification. What do you think? Does he really look like he might be under eighteen years of age?


On close examination, this scribe is forced to concede that yes, he does look young, and could easily be deemed to be less than eighteen years of age.

5. It was Halloween last night and sensibly, it was not discussed at Speakers’ Corner. If you require proof that it was Halloween last night, here are some photos taken of it some time ago.

Halloween 3

Three Geelong footballers. They look fantastic. This scribe suggests that the entire team dress that way when they play football. Their ‘hooped’ jumpers are so Twentieth Century.

In case that photo doesn’t convince you it was Halloween last night, here is another photo:

Halloween 2

6. Regulars at Speakers’ Corner know that Mirko is at the very forefront of cutting edge scientific knowledge. He is one of the few scientists in the world who has had the courage to abandon the dated twentieth century science and adopt 21st century science.


For years, Mirko has demonstrated that wave power could solve one of Humankind’s most significant problems: the supply of free, non-polluting, sustainable energy. He has diagrams to prove his state-of-the-art science. Thanks to Scott, an occasional speaker who lurks on the periphery and who is away at the moment, we have evidence that the rest of the world is finally beginning to catch up with Mirko. A young girl has adopted his idea and with the energy of youth, made it her own. Click here.

Scientists in Wales are also adopting Mirko’s ideas. Click here. We hope they at least give Mirko the credit he richly deserves.