29. A poem discussed.

“Sport is the dessert trolley of life.”
Gerard Healy.

1. Wish granted! Last week Maria spoke for a few minutes on the Ladder of Knowledge and did such a good job this scribe hoped she would come back to become a permanent speaker. Well, she turned up today with a box and found a place to speak! She soon had passers-by stopping to listen. For a speaker to achieve that on their first day at Speakers’ Corner is extraordinary.

When she had had enough, Maria joined Mr B’s audience and he invited her to speak on his ladder briefly. She spoke about the finance industry and the dishonesty of the banks. People began asking questions. She again did a good job. Maria is a commercial lawyer and has a lot to say.

Maria will be back in two weeks, she promises. Your scribe hopes to persuade Mr B to give her longer on his ladder next time. (Mr B, just remember that I have considerable power when I write these weely posts.)

2. Mr B read the first stanza of a Keats poem that didn’t sound like Keats at all:

Ode to Spring.
“Thank thou Spring, that thou do be.
For without thou there’d be seasons three.
We would surely be in strife;
especially the wildlife.”
It got worse from there. But he read another poem and we discussed it.

3. Mr B expressed his amazement of Coyote Pederson, whom he found on Youtube. Coyote tests Schmidt’s Pain index by allowing insects to sting him.
If you don’t want to watch the whole video begin at 13 minutes.

4. Other subjects discussed:
– If there were a button that could kill all humanity, would you press it? Mr B pointed out that by not pressing it we would be condoning the suffering of trillions of animals in cruel farming practises. The discussion was “energetic”.

– Mr B was scathing of the Thais who recently thrust the poor cave kids into a monastery. For 9 days the kids will be head-shaven monks to “express their gratitude” for being saved. Mr B said that we shouldn’t force people to feel grateful, and if their cave experience doesn’t give them PTSD, this will.

– The Gympie Gympie stinging tree in Qld, which produces so much pain it has killed horses and sent men mad.

– Helmut explained why Sir Isaac Newton was an ignoramus.

– There is an idea going around that despite all our electronic forms of communication, we feel less connected than we have ever been. Mr B argued the contrary. He said that people in the last three centuries felt less connected than we do, because they didn’t have the technology to overcome the tyranny of distance. Uncle Pete was ardent in his rebuttal.

– Steve Maxwell had a sign which indicated his topic of the day: “Make Australia Grate Again”.

– Debate raged about the importance of breast feeding.

5. This scribe has sunkover twelve million dollars into promoting our Facebook page and it has not yet produced a dollar of income or increased the size of a crowd at Speakers’ Corner. Its value must be questioned. This lyre sponge, from our Unusual Creatures Series, has little comprehension of what a Facebook page is, and even less comprehension of what twelve million dollars could buy.