29. Speaker games.

1. There was a light but constant drizzle which kept passers-by away and the speakers & hecklers under a tree. Fortunately they were under the same tree, and while they remained dry they amused themselves by taking turns to give two-minute speeches. With one rule: They had to present a point-of-view opposite to their real one.

That’s when the bullshit flew.

For example, Steve Maxwell had to trash the importance of history; Mr B had to extol its virtues. Peter the Heckler had to praise Mr Turnbull, and Dave the Agnostic had to criticise agnosticism. Three of us had to explain why there is a god, and Tony had to . . . well, he didn’t quite get the gist of the thing.

Steve, a member of the Greens Party, was just about to explain why no one should vote for the Greens when we were interrupted by passers-by, who also participated. Giggles all round, but still plenty of bullshit.


2. We also took turns speaking for thirty seconds without ‘umming’ or ‘ahhing’. Scary but fun.

At 4pm the drizzle stopped and we held our normal meetings for the next hour and a half.

An enjoyable day for all.

3. Later on, Mr B got stuck into an atheist who claimed that the concept of a god fulfilled no purpose. The two photos below from the postsecret website suggest otherwise. (Click photo to enlarge it.)


And this:

loss religion 2