29. The Look.

‘Tolerance is the only real test of civilizations.’
Arthur Helps.

1. Steve Maxwell was fortunate to get two sensible speakers, one after the other, onto his platform: Grace and Neil. In an entertaining and theatrical way Neil spoke about Ecclesiastes, though apparently it wasn’t a religious talk, and I don’t know what Grace spoke about. Sorry, Grace!

We don’t have a photograph of Grace or Neil, so this photo will have to do in stead.

2. Investigative journalist Mr Bashful
deserves a Walkley Award for his investigation into the Newstart Allowance. Interestingly, the people who vociferously argued against his article were the ones who hadn’t read it. Why are we not surprised?

When Mr B said the taxpayer should not be expected to pay for alcohol, cigarettes, take-away food, recreational drugs and gambling, one grasshopper asked, “Why shouldn’t someone on Newstart be able to go out drinking and have a good time?”

1/3 rump steak with eight vegetables. $7.32.

3. Other subjects discussed.
– Mr B related the science fiction story, ‘The Look’, in honour of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

– He also recounted three stories that included kings and monks and hermits and scorpions None of the stories seemed to make any real sense.

– Can true ‘nothing’ be comprehended by the human mind? Does the universe exist because ‘nothing’ cannot be?

– At 4.40pm Helmut took the ladder of knowledge and told us God is energy, but that god should on no account be confused with any sentient god people worship. However, we should still call energy ‘God’ to avoid confusion. Thanks, Helmut.

– Helmut continued: Our universe was created 13.8 billion years ago in the Big Bang. The mega-verse, in which our universe sits, has always existed, forever and ever. That mega-verse has always existed because energy cannot be created or destroyed, (the law of conservation of mass), even though that law was only created 13.8 billion years ago in the Big Bang. Go figure.

– When Mr B was twenty he was not attracted to 60 year old women. When he was forty he was not attracted to 60 year old women. Now that he is 63 he is attracted to 60 year old women. ‘What has changed?’ he wanted to know.
Two grasshoppers put forth explanations. Another didn’t.

Mr B found this note when he returned to his car.

4. Here is chapter 2 of Mr Bashful’s book: ‘A brief explanation of the process of natural selection.’

Will umbrellas ever evolve?

5. In our Unusual Creature Series 
we present to you the star nosed mole. It surfaces only to look at our Facebook page.