Jun 22. A real gnome visits.

Sunday, June 22nd.

When hecklers and passers-by were absent, Helmut and Mr Bashful tediously insulted each other to amuse themselves. At one point Mr Bashful pointed out that Helmut was too close to him, that Helmut spoke within the standard 10 metre gap. Helmut explained that he had begun speaking years before Mr Bashful had wandered into the Domain, so Mr Bashful should move. Mr Bashful explained that he had turned up first today, and therefore had a right to his position, and thus Helmut should leave. In other words, two little boys bickered good-naturedly when no-0ne else was around to be informed.

John August got up to speak, briefly, in his machine-gun manner. He has a lot to talk about, so he should get up more often.

I have often referred to the hecklers as garden gnomes, but today we had a real garden gnome get up onto the Ladder of Knowledge to speak, courtesy of Stuart and Wendy, two passers-by. The garden gnome understandably objected to the practise of calling hecklers ‘garden gnomes’. He claimed it’s an association gnomes can well do without.

It’s a fair objection, but things won’t change.


I refrain from making any comment suggesting that the garden gnome above is more intelligent than his human heckling counterparts. I refrain for two reasons: 1. It’s the obvious joke to make, and I diligently avoid making predictable jokes. And 2: It’s too close to the truth.

Mirko was asked how he was going. Big mistake. See the result below.

You may have noticed in the clip, Peter. Peter disgraced himself with comments made to fellow passers-by, and so there will be no more mention of Peter today.

Tony was in fine form on his ladder, strenuously objecting to comments people didn’t make. More of that please, Tony!

Steve Maxwell was bright, bubbly and opinionated, as usual. Below we have the next episode of his Passing Parade.