The storm.

For Sunday, 1st March.

1. Our ladder for the newbies was a success. With John August, Peter the Heckler, Mirko, and the half-baked 92 year-old lady’s man, Arthur, all heckling one another, it was a hoot. There were fireworks all afternoon until 4pm, when the storm came. The crowd loved it. Next week the Ladder of Knowledge will again be there, and the sparks should fly again.
The same 8 minute rule will apply: that is, the speaker can speak for 8 minutes, or until they are carted away by the authorities. Whichever comes first.

2. Special thanks to Jack, who helped Mr Bashful load his car with 2 ladders, his box, and 24 chairs when heavy rain was imminent. The storm arrived just as the car was fully loaded. Mr B scrambled into his car as the rain began to bucket down. Thank you, Jack. Much appreciated.
(Yes, Jack got soaked.)

3. Someone, who will go unnamed, walked up to one of the women listening and propositioned her. The woman declined the blunt invitation with good grace. Her husband, standing next to her, also took it with good grace. When Arthur finally became aware that the man standing next to her was her husband, he denied everything.
He’s a smooth talker, that Arthur.