30. Mr B was wrong!

“Fail, and feel regret. Don’t try, and feel even more regret.”

1. A cold day unless you were lucky to be in the miserly sun. Steve Maxwell, Ray and Mr B were not that lucky. Helmut was.

Autumn, a Chinese woman working in Australia, asked numerous questions of Mr B  and his grasshoppers about Australians’ attitudes towards China. We answered her many questions, first pointing out that ours views of the Chinese leadership are different to our views of the Chinese people.

2. Uncle Pete corrected Mr B on something he wrote in last week’s chapter on natural selection. Mr B assures me he’ll make the necessary changes.  Meanwhile, here is another chapterfor his grasshoppers to treasure.

3. Mr B has discovered he was wrong. It’s extremely difficult for a single person over 22 to live on the Newstart allowance. You can find the revised article here.
As for his Walkley Award, this scribe doubts he’ll be getting it now.

4. Other topics discussed:
– Mirko told us about the importance of diesel. We are grateful to him for that.

– Steve, Ray and Helmut? Dunno.

– We heard a Somerset Maugham short story, though in Mr B’s own words, unfortunately. Two of Mr B’s grasshoppers didn’t understand it. His other grasshoppers probably didn’t get it either, but were too polite to say so. However, your worldly scribe thought it was beaut!

– No woman turned up to claim Mr B. He looked so dejected.

– Someone asked Mr B a question about Donald Trump. Mr B floundered and his grasshoppers weren’t that helpful either.

5. In our Unusual Critter Series we feature the peacock spider. They’re called peacock spiders because they hunt, kill and eat peacocks, presumably.
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