30. The Miracle remains unresolved.

1.The Miracle of the Chairs, as it has come to be known, has not been solved. If you remember, last week we had trouble loading all the chairs into the automobile. There seemed to be more than usual. Upon inspection it was found that there were no changes to the size of the car or to the chairs, and no other explanation presented itself. Therefore, we have a mystery which will soon haunt the internet; a mystery to rival the likes of the Loch Ness Monster, the Abominable Snowman, and Mirko.

weird phenomena

This photo is of another weird phenomenon. How is it that two pool balls fell from the sky with this hail?

2. Steve Maxwell reminded us to tick ‘no religion’ in the upcoming census form, rather than just tick the old standby, ‘Church of England’ or ‘agnostic’. He wants atheists to be clear about their atheism.

He also spoke at length about the Four Corners documentary on the youths kept in the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre. Like Mr B, he received a ‘hearty’ reception.

3. We can’t tell you what Helmut spoke about today because we didn’t get to hear him speak.

We can’t tell you what Mirko said either, for different reasons.

We do know that Peter the Heckler discussed the State government’s public transport system and the wonky and imminent census.

He also gave a timely film review about the Fritz Lang’s silent movie classic, ‘Metropolis’.

And, he said a few sceptical words about the sincerity of George Pell’s religious belief, based on George’s reluctance to lay himself prostrate in prayer, due to arthritis. Peter was happy to kick the poor man when he was down. No pun intended. Peter, remember what Douglas Jerroid said: ‘Religion is in the heart, not the knees.’

Here is a brief video of what Peter had to say about property development:

4. Heckle and Jeckle are coming! Next week, Helmut and Peter, who were once mortal enemies, are going to take turns to speak all afternoon, on their own ladder. It’s a blessing for them because they get to speak at length, and it’s a blessing for Mr B for reasons obvious to any visitor to Speakers’ Corner.

‘Peter is inclined to be over-talkative and a little forward with adults.’
Thats what Peter’s teacher wrote about him in his Year 3 school report.

Nothing has changed.

5. Other subjects discussed today:

– the killing of retired greyhounds. Are we being hypocritical when we object to it?

– the beauty of religion, with reference to 10,000 year old burials.

– the biggest natural disaster that the world faces: children. The subject was over-population, and this photo provides another reason.


– Global warming: does it exist? If so, is it anthropogenic?

– The courage of Pauline Hanson.

– What does ‘sustainable’ actually mean? The term was discussed, and this meme makes a point:


– paradigms: scientific and others. Leading from that, it was again patiently explained to Peter The Heckler why 2 + 2 does not always equal 4. Although Peter teaches chemistry, he appears to have trouble understanding basic arithmetic.

– The guards in the Don Dale Youth Detention centre were discussed with Dr Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison experiment in mind. (12 people were paid to be ‘prisoners’ and 12 paid to be ‘guards’. In six days the experiment had to be abandoned because the ‘guards’ became sadistic and the ‘prisoners’ internalised their loss of freedom and became traumatised.)

– Droplets of urine left on toilet seats. Guys, what’s the problem with aiming truly? In response to the speakers’ outrage about this disturbing phenomenon, hecklers put forth a few scientific explanations for why it occurs. All of the ideas put forth were sincere, and rubbish.

– The morality of infanticide was discussed, as was the merit of legalising assisted killings. Home deaths got a good mention too.

– The importance of deep questions. For example, ‘Why do you value the environment?’ An answer to that question might normally provide reasons why the environment should be protected. However, a deeper question would be, ‘Why do you value the environment while someone else does not?

6. When Mr B discussed the loneliness epidemic he made the following brief remark:

7. Forget about the Miracle of the Chairs, here is a deeper mystery: The Dalai Lama’s Facebook page has over 100,000 followers, yet his spiritual advisor, Mr Bashful, only has 6. Should it not be the other way around? Does the Dalai Lama have a better marketing strategy? And why does the Speakers’ Corner Facebook page only have 26 followers? Something is just not right.

Even the Archives Site with past posts is struggling.

8. One of Mr B’s grasshoppers asked for the meaning of life. The poor fellow didn’t receive Mr B’s usual response, so hopefully this meme might help:

purpose in life

It’s advice Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin unfortunately took.

9. Last week Mr B insisted that there was no such thing as ‘Australian’, ‘Japanese’ or ‘Jew’. The subject came up again today. Here’s a video that might help explain this ‘quaint’ point of view: