32. Bellowing geezers.

1. 92 year old Albert took the ladder while Mr B was piss-farting about putting chairs out and parking his car. Mr B returned to find Albert with a good crowd, so he left him to it. Albert did well, holding the crowd for some time, though he was well heckled by spring chicken 67 year old, Peter the Heckler. Peter’s bellows were heard in Circular Quay, yet Albert would not be fazed.

Albert’s wife, Jean, also got into the action. She was in the audience, and told off Peter for interrupting her husband. Despite Jean’s formidable powers, Peter also managed to remain unfazed.

Who says the elderly are old, quiet and respectful? No one can say that of the geezers frequenting Speakers’ Corner. They might be in advanced years, but they’re as active and belligerent as anyone younger. And, they’re sound of body too: Albert may be 92 years, but he was carting six chairs at a time.

2. A correction: The normally infallible Mr B made a blunder. He said that Australia was geographically stable when he meant to say ‘geologically stable’.
It’s hard to believe that the Master of Epiphanies could make a mistake. It doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? Is it a sign of things to come? Will the very laws of physics remain stable?

3. The question was asked, ‘What is normal?’ The picture below might help:

What is normal

4. The subject of courting came up, reminding this scribe of the following cartoon. (Click to enlarge.)


5. Both Helmut and Steve Maxwell looked resplendent today. Sharp indeed. They added a big dollop of class to Speakers’ Corner and made the regular hecklers look like the rabble they are.

6. It has come to this scribe’s attention that it could be said that Australia is geographically stable. After all, since maps have been made, Australia has stayed in basically the same place. Yes, it is moving northward at nearly 6cm per year but it’s not a rate that is frightening. It’s not as though we are getting chapped lips from the wind generated. It would be stretching it to say that those mere six centimetres make Australia geographically unstable. Which means of course that Mr B’s statement was not wrong and the natural order of the universe is not in question.