32. Idiocracy

“Speaking of statistics, did you know that one in seven dwarves is grumpy?”
Mark the Grinner.

1. Where was Mirko? How did we manage without him?

On the Ladder of Knowledge Mr B soon became passionate about his purpose in life, and he was pretty negative about his accomplishment. What fun!


2. It was good to see Albert and Jean back, though poor Albert received a vocal reception as a heckler and as a speaker. It seems, however, his patience is limitless. Albert spoke about the stupidity of the world’s arms race, and the importance of  collective conscousness. Good work, Albert!

Keep defending him, Jean!

3. When Mark the Grinner alighted the Ladder of Knowledge he referred to ‘Idiocracy’, a film about our future world populated and run by morons. Mark said the future is already here, and he gave us a few examples. He said being a moron is no longer an impediment.

Later, he engaged in a robust debate with Peter the Younger about humans’ role in climate change.

4. Here is another chapterof Mr B’s book. It’s about the different types of happiness researchers.

5. Other topics discussed:
– Is Mr B a narcissist?

– Mr B explained why James Hardie should not compensate do-it-yourselfers dying of asbestosis and mesothelioma. He said we all know that  some building products can be dangerous, so we should take personal responsibility for the risks we take. Mr B was not 100% popular with his grasshoppers.

– The misuse of statistics. For example: is it really true that you’re more likely to die from falling out of bed than from being killed by a shark? Yes, it’s true, but only because more people get out of bed every morning than swim in the ocean.

– We talked about suicide and its aftermath. This photo is from the Postsecret site.

6. This week’s creature in our Unusual Critter Series is the Cooloola Monster, found in parts of subterranian Queensland. It was discovered in the 1980s and is rarely seen. Today it is Guest Editor on our Facebook page.