33. Are the speakers attention seekers?

1. Are the speakers attention seekers? It would be easy to assume so. After all, the speakers do aim to get the attention of passers-by, and they enjoy speaking to big crowds. However, they are not necessarily attention seekers.

It depends.

If the speaker’s purpose is to impart ideas or information, they are probably not an attention seeker. They might well enjoy the attention they receive, but that is not the reason they are up there.

If someone with little to say gets up to speak, they are probably an attention seeker. (If they don’t have anything of substance to say, why else would they get up, if not to seek attention?)

Attention seekers are prepared to hijack another speaker’s meeting because they envy the attention the speaker is getting. And, they are the loud ones in the audience who make remarks irrelevant to the subject being discussed. And, they are the ones who desperately find fault with what the speaker is saying. (If the speaker says, ‘black’, the attention seeker will scream with indignation, ‘white!’)

We have one or two attention seekers coming each week to Speakers’ Corner.

Thankfully, Peter the Heckler isn’t one of them.

2. For those of you without calendars, it is the duty of this scribe to inform you that Christmas is approaching. (Or, we are approaching Christmas?)

If you are looking for a suitable gift to purchase for a loved one, consider the following:

2. cat lady

3. As for you:

2. xmas

4. A snail goes into a police station. It says to the constable, ‘Officer, officer! I have just been mugged by four slugs!’
The constable says, ‘That’s terrible. Can you describe them to me?’
The snail says, ‘Well, no, I can’t. It all happened so fast.’

The joke above reflects what happened today at Speakers’ Corner. There were two geriatric men in their eighties. One became angry with the other, and the two men scuffled. Neither fell over, which was a miracle, so neither was hurt. They moved in slow motion, giving bystanders time to intervene.