35. Bring your money!

Bring your wallets, your loose change, and that gold sovreign you’ve been keeping in the bottom drawer for that rainy day.

In 1972 a twenty minute film was made about Domain speaker, John Webster. It is called, ‘Webster’s Domain‘ and its producer is film maker Peter Marjason.

This scribe hoped to find a digital copy to put on this site and on Youtube so that those who fondly remember John can see him again. However, the film is no longer in the State Library, and it’s not in any other library in Australia. The only copy this diligent scribe could find is in the National Sound and Film Archive (NSFA) in Canberra.

They have quoted $405 to make and send me a digital copy of the film. (That’s without the timecode rudely intruding.)

This scribe is wondering if you regulars might be interested in contributing towards the cost?

Dear regulars, if you’d like to see a film of the famous John Webster, bring your rent money and your child’s moneybox with you on Sunday. And part with it.

And bring something to auction off. An auction might help too.

If you do choose to contribute, Mr B promises to refrain from calling you a blithering idiot for the first fifteen minutes of the meeting. (After that he can’t guarantee he’ll be able to hold back.)

With regards to all,

The Scribe.