37. The passers-by speak!

“Data is not information. Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom.”

1. A beautiful day! All went well and we had three passers-by who bravely got up onto the Ladder of Knowledge to speak. Each one of them spoke well and kept the audience interested and asking questions.

We heard from mathematician Dave, who pointed out that we Australians, unlike the Americans, tend to not write poems about our rivers. And, if we want to our rivers looked after in future, we need to start writing poems about them. Uncle Pete helped out immediately with two lines, having ‘water’ rhyming with ‘oughta’. It had a lot of potential.

We have no photo or drawing of Dave. To imagine what Dave looks like, imagine a tall, strikingly handsome man with style and charisma, with Dave standing next to him.

We also heard Sashin speak, about the nature of knowledge, epistemology. A thoughtful man if ever there was one.


And, Chris spoke about consciousness. He fielded all the questions thrown at him, and dealt with them well.


2. Artist and legend Steve Maxwell took a break from speaking, and drew pictures of Sashin and Chris.

Good work, Steve!

Sashin, drawn by Steve Maxwell


Chris, drawn by Steve Maxwell

3. Mr B was wrong. DO NOT come early this coming Sunday, 22nd. It’s the following Sunday, though that is yet to be confirmed.

4. Mr B said we enjoy eating sugar and fat because thousands of years ago those foods were beneficial. Today, however, it’s easy to find those foods and we tend to eat too much of them. He said it’s the same with knowledge. Thousands of years ago knowledge was invaluable, but today there is a glut of it, and like sugar and fat, we gain too much of it. We need to be watchful. Many of us need to acquire less knowledge.

It’s safe to say not everyone agreed with Mr B.

5. Mr B presents another chapter of his book for young people. He reckons it’s important to label our emotions, and be specific. Right now, your scribe is labelling both reluctance and scepticism about Mr B’s ideas.

What emotion is to be labelled here?

6. Other topics discussed:
– Helmut gave his thoughts on consciousness, and how Isaac Newton’s consciousness was seriously deficient.

– The Meaning of Life – versions 3 & 5. The grasshoppers who made the enquiry had heads on their shoulders, and made the topic interesting.

– If a criminal is given 15 years jail, for example, then let’s knock five of those years off the sentence in exchange for having his cell time streamed online 20 hours a day. Why? Mr B argued that any appeal jail has for some would-be offenders would be considerably diminished if they were to see friends and family bored witless. Predictably, Mr B’s grasshoppers were not impressed with this idea either. That’s why they’re grasshoppers. They’re there to learn.

– When Mr B was asked what he thought about Donald Trump he chose to avoid the question. Though he wasn’t good at it.

– Mirko explained how our planet’s two hemispheres represent two polarity, and how a computer’s binary system, one and zero, represents positive and negative, respectively. That should clear things up.

– Mr B also called for complete transparency with regards to a politician’s health. If they are unhealthy in some way we should know about it, he said, giving examples. He also cited Joe Biden’s attempt at gaining the Democratic nomination for next year’s upcoming US election. Joe will be 77 in the election year, and 77 to 83 is far too old for a presidency, said Mr B.
It was the old guys who objected.

– Political donations are spent on . . . what?

– In his talk on epistemology, Sashin mentioned how people used to believe the Earth was flat. If it were flat, here is how the moon might look in a lunar eclipse:

7. In our Unusual Creature Series we present to you the Arabian Oryx. It uses ‘Google Translate’ to read our Facebook page.

8. Poor Mr B is still choosing to remain in the park late into the night, to wait for his admirer.