37. Wet weather.

1.For those of you who didn’t turn up because of the imminent rain, you missed something special. Ray, Mr B and Steve Maxwell braved the darkening clouds and were rewarded for their effort with a steady stream of passers-by and rain that stayed away.

Before the speakers could even get settled they were asked questions. Steve was asked about gay marriage and Mr B was asked about personal growth.


The rain was always just about to fall, but at Speakers’ Corner it stayed dry until just after 5pm. Whether this was due to Ray praying to God for good weather, we’ll never know. (Yes we will, one day, says Ray.)


The second topic to be discussed was about physical attraction. To what, precisely, are we attracted to? And should we tell the person we find them physically attractive, or focus on praising aspects of their personality?


Our range of wet-weather gear has been popular in the past, and we sold a few pairs of these today . . .


. . . but we now also have a classy range of camouflage jackets for sale. They’re top quality and made in the U.S.A.. Order yours today via Steve Maxwell.


It was also noted that the Pokemon fad seems to be over.


If you’re feeling disappointed that you didn’t show up today, relax. We understand. Understandably, you assumed it would be raining at Speakers’ Corner. Don’t be hard on yourself. Yes, you missed out on a good afternoon, but there will be others. Smile!


2. The above news was for those who did not have the pluck to turn up today. This item is solely for those who did turn up today (Ray, Mr B, Steve, and this scribe): yes, we had ten minutes of dry weather before the heavy drizzle began. And then ten minutes later it was bucketing down.

We were soaked. The chairs were soaked. We left at 2.30pm.

The day was a disaster.

3. Everyone who did not turn up can get lost.

4. Everyone who has not subscribed to our Facebook page can get lost too.