39. A crack at Everest.

Stephen Fry, when criticising political correctness: “One of the greatest human failings is to prefer to be right than to be effective.”

1. Despite the softly falling rain, speakers Ray, Helmut, Mirko and Mr B turned up to Speakers’ Corner and held their meetings. The grasshoppers who turned up were Peter the Younger, Ben the Whisperer, Greg the Indignant, Tony the Persistent, Tommy the Insistent, and Uncle Pete.

After an hour, the rain became so heavy we had to take refuge in the Art Gallery. There we discovered it was Helmut’s 78th birthday. To his credit he seems to be the fittest and healthiest geriatric this scribe has ever seen. Happy birthday, Helmut!

2. A magnificent horse-racing company has generously sponsored the NSW government. All the company gets in return is permission to advertise on the sails of the Corporate Billboard (formerly known as the Sydney Opera House).

It’s a shame cigarette advertising is no longer permitted. This scribe would be proud to take visitors from out-of-town to see the Benson & Hedges Sydney Opera House and to the Rothman’s Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We at Speakers’ Corner invite this wonderful horse-racing company to sponsor us as well. Everist: your company would significantly add to the integrity and credibility of Speakers’ Corner and to the speakers themselves. We keenly await your guidance and moola.

3. Today Daylight Saving came into effect.Was that why Mirko and Tony turned up late?

4. Uncle Pete introduced the subject of infinity yet again.I guess he knows it’s one of Mr B’s specialities.

Remember the question about the monkey tapping Hamleton a typewriter? Well, the conversation soon degenerated into whether it was a monkey or a chimpanzee.


Perhaps it was neither monkey nor ape? Perhaps it was one of the other primates: a lemur, a loris or a tarsier? Who really cares? They can all type.






5. A question arose about who writes this blog.Your open-book scribe would have thought all was explained in the ‘About this scribe‘ page. Apparently not. It seems that some people are under the impression that your diligent scribe and Mr B are one and the same person. And that both are Mark Avery.


How absurd.

For a start, this scribe would never let Mr B write this blog. Mr B is far too opinionated. On the Ladder of Knowledge he belligerently rails against politicians and corporations, he cruelly pulls apart people’s belief systems, and he fervently takes sides in all matters of importance. If anyone dares to question him he calls them blithering idiots. He is, in short, a blustering, offensive know-it-all. To have him at the helm of this blog would be a disaster.

And, as you would know, dear reader, your gentle scribe is nothing like that. I don’t take sides; I merely report in a pleasant manner what was said on the day. ‘Scribe the Impartial’, I guess you could call me. If I were to stand on the Ladder of Knowledge I would freeze up and die.

As for Mr Avery, I hope I don’t sound patronising when I say that he is invaluable to Speakers’ Corner because he provides the chairs. It’s an important job and he does it well.

This is how the cruel Mr B treats poor hecklers.

6. In our Unusual Creature Seriesthis Creatonotos gangis moth (South East Asia and Australia) reads our Facebook Page late at night as it circles my bedside lamp.

Creatonotos gangis moth