39. Lots of yelling!

“A truly liberated woman is not reciting mantras about how much she loves her body.”

1. Phew! To those of you who live in inner Sydney we apologise for all the yelling today. Mr B versus Peter the Younger. Mr B versus Mirko. Mr B versus Helmut. Mr B versus Michael. Can you see a pattern emerging? Yes, the delicate, humble Mr B was besieged by grasshoppers barking at him, and in a bid for self-preservation he may have raised his voice a little. This time he didn’t lose his voice!

What must the passers-by have thought?

Two intrigued passers-by.

2. Don’t forget: this coming Sunday Tim Brunero is hosting a debate at twelve noon, between the Monarchists and the Republicans. Journalist Peter Fitzsimmons will be there, as will 2GB radio host Chris Smith. Plus, experienced debators will add a little gloss and humour to the topic.

It won’t be streamed on Facebook. So, if you have been thinking about visiting Speakers’ Corner, why not come this Sunday?

Before Tim’s meeting starts at 12 (not 2pm), Mr B will take a fresh approach to the topic. That alone will be worth the price of admission.

Price of admission: free.

3. How do you feel about circus lions being kept in cages?

Did you get the right answer?

Click here to go to Mr B’s blog and find out.


4. Other topics discussed:
– Sashin turned up and spoke about epistemology. It was his first experience with Michael in the audience but he managed well enough. Sashin has patience.

– Sashin also asked, “What can be done to improve Speakers’ Corner?”. One of the suggestions made was about Michael.

– Were the people who booed the footballer Adam Goodes racist?

– Dr Harris and his ‘Intelligence Trap’. Is it true that intelligent people often tend to be poor thinkers? Are they trapped by their own intelligence? One thing is for sure: the hecklers have nothing to worry about in that regard.

– Women: don’t feel obliged to love your body.

– We learned about McArthur Wheeler who, once he learned lemon juice can make invisible ink, painted his face with lemon juice and robbed a bank, thinking he was invisible.

– Yap money. There are coins on the micronesian island nearly four metres in diameter and they have been used as currency by the locals for up to 2,000 years. One sank in the ocean, but it’s still being used.

Yap money

5. This week’s unusual creature in the Unusual Creature Series is the cuttlefish. Every one of the critters in these cuttlefish eggs has its own Facebook account.

Cuttlefish eggs

6. Poor Mr B.