39. Steve Maxwell debates with English tourists.

1.Steve Maxwell had a great day, despite the fact that there was a Grand Final about to be played, and that it was a long weekend. He spoke about the Duke of Windsor, Prince Edward, the son of George V and the heir to the Crown. The guy was a pro-nazi. (The Duke, not Steve.)

A few English tourists debated with Steve about the matter.

Steve also spoke about World War II and former Australian Prime Minister, Sir Robert G Menzies.


The debate continued long into the night.


English tourists still debating with Steve.

2. Mr B didn’t fare so well. Today the garden gnomes (Norm, Mirko & Tony) ganged up on him with their incessant chatter, and the poor man ended up becoming Mr Grumpy. It wasn’t pretty, folks.

Logan Pearsall Smith would have seen the positive in their quarrels because he’s the one who said, “For souls in growth, great quarrels are great emancipations.”

Logan Pearsall Smith doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Normally the graph below would give a fair indication of the ageing Mr B’s temperament, but those three garden gnomes seemed to really get under his skin. (Click to enlarge.)


3. Maths and Xeno’s paradox were discussed. Helmut insisted that the speaker didn’t understand mathematics, so here is a test for Helmut:


4. Uncle Pete expressed his objection to the new proposal to allow farmers to hunt native animals without a permit. Perhaps Uncle Pete would prefer this type of hunting?


5. Mr B gave a brief history of the planet Earth, starting from the Big Bang. At one point the dinosaurs got a mention.dinosaurs
6. Other subjects discussed:
– The news. We don’t understand it. We watch it on television or listen to the radio, but we don’t understand it. The broadcasters know this, and deep down we know it, but we all pretend otherwise.
That leaves a huge gap in the market for some wily producer.

– An idea was put forth to have one lone city in Australia created for people who wish to live in a city without alcohol, gambling and cigarettes. Interestingly, this suggestion received a hostile response.

– We have a habit of answering a question without taking a few moments of silence to think first. There seems to be a stigma attached to anyone pausing to think about a question before speaking.

– Women’s football. Given that women began playing Australian Rules in Western Australia in 1915, and have intermittently played it since then, and given that many women admit to wanting to play the game, then why has it taken so long for a women’s league to be organised? Why did they leave it to men to organise their league?

– A conspiracy theory: When astronaut ‘Buzz’ Aldrin said ‘something is following us’ on his way to the moon in 1969, he should have sparked a conspiracy theory about NASA covering up a UFO sighting. After all, the conspiracy theorists made up other stupid stories, including space craft on the moon, and about the moon landing not taking place. However, no conspiracy has been created about words that were actually said, ‘something is following us’. That suggests that the conspiracy theorists themselves have conspired to not create a conspiracy theory about it. What are they hiding, and why?


7. Greg said that anyone suffering a stroke at night was disadvantaged, because the ‘stroke specialists’ weren’t prepared to get up at 3am to go to the hospital to treat the sufferer. This was disputed.

Let’s hope this helps:


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