A visit from a Dame.

1 Steve, Helmut and Mr B were all fortunate today in getting good crowds. (Ray wasn’t here today.) John August was heard arguing with Helmut and all Sydney got to listen.

2. Mirko was quiet, not his usual self. Mr B gave him compliments (for no reason even he can fathom) and Mirko walked away and was not heard again. Could this be a strategy?
Unlikely. Strategies don’t work with random entities.

3. Dame Quentin Bryce, the previous Governor General of Australia and Queen’s representative, and her husband, Michael, were in Steve Maxwell’s audience for half an hour as he explained why Australia should become a republic.

1. Quentin Bryce

We assume she took notes.

4. Mr B explained to his grasshoppers how he went for an entire year without reading, hearing or watching the news. The purpose was to realign his values and see society from a healthier perspective. He admitted that after the year concluded, in no way had his personality, perspective or values changed. But he was uncommonly ignorant.

1. Newspapers oppress

5. The subject of love was discussed, and its relationship to happiness. This postcard from the PostSecret website adds a little:

1. Happiness & love

6. Andrew Toth wanted to know the differences between men and women. (It’s never too late.) The obliging Mr B gave him three differences:
1. When a woman takes her jumper off, she crosses her arms to do it. A man doesn’t.
2. When drinking from a glass, women look outwards. Men look into the glass.
3. When man and woman sleep together, the man tends to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door.

Here is some more helpful information for Andrew:

differences bn men and women

7. Last week at Speakers’ Corner Steve had a hooter and every time he hooted, the dog chased him. Steve pointed out that the dog made more scents than Mirko.