41. Are the Illuminati out to get us?

“The mind starts working the moment you are born, and doesn’t stop until you stand up to make a speech.” 

1.Two meetings ago we had to suffera party with amplified music; last week it was the Invictus Games; and today our speaking area was fenced off by the Oktoberfest mob. Could there be a conspiracy to edge us out? After all, if the CIA created the Twin Tower incident on September 11, and if NASA went to the trouble of faking a moon landing in 1969, and if O.J. Simpson was framed by the FBI, then should we be surprised when the Illuminati attempts to quash our influence in world current affairs?

If things are not back to normal next week we can safely assume that the Illuminti are indeed out to get us. However, if we can get the spirited Mirko to be on OUR side for a change, they will have a fight on their hands!

Today he was a pest formidable. His disruption, inexorable.

Uh oh. It occurs to me: Mirko might be an agent working for the Illuminati! Being unintelligible might be his brilliant cover.

And then there are the three amigos – Uncle Pete, Helmut and Peter the Younger – constantly disrupting the meetings. Can they be agents too???

OMG we’re surrounded.

One thing is for sure: at Speakers’ Corner you need patience.

2. Mr B criticised sections of the mediayet again, this time for their insensitive reporting of an incident in which a man on an aeroplane abusively told a woman to sit elsewhere. Instead of acting responsibly, the media provoked our indignation to sell advertising space. The incident was seen by millions, and indignant readers wanted to know why the airline hadn’t thrown the man off the plane.

The media should have kindly and responsibly ignored the ‘news’ item altogether. After all, it was easy to see that the man was slightly mentally impaired. In such instances you would show patience and compassion, and do what the airline did: they simply looked after the woman and left the man to himself. To throw a mentally impaired man off a plane would have been irresponsible and cruel to him, and to his loved ones.

But the media would have none of that. They wanted blood, because blood sells.

The sooner viewers figure these things out for themselves and ignore such items, instead of being maipulated and forwarding them, the better.

That was Mr B’s view, anyway.

3. Steve Maxwell was criticalof the government’s cruel treatment of the children of Nauru.

Across the way, Mr B also discussed the plight of the refugees on Nauru and elsewhere. He was forced to argue with a man who kept insisting that their plight was their own fault: they had the option of staying locked up safe in the harsh labour camps of Indonesia for the rest of their lives. Sigh.

One visiting Brit pointed out that if our government was truly racist, it would let the refugees come by boat and drown. He was critical of how Europe is letting their incoming refugees drown. To have bodies wash ashore is still a regular occurrence, apparently.



4. Other subjects discussed:
– With his ‘balloon factory’ example, Mr B explained the difference between employment and productive employment. As a result, the topic of ‘which nation should make our submarines?’took off. A few grasshoppers contributed and made some good points.

– ‘Utitiltarianism’ was also discussed. Mr B was not in favour of the philosophy for two reasons, though Uncle Pete was sure Mr B didn’t understand what it was. Helmut, meanwhile, thought it necessary to talk about the history of utilitarianism. As he would.

– Later, Helmut was on a ladder booming the word ‘ignoramus’ across the park. This scribe assumes he was again trying to ruin the reputation of the beleageured Sir Isaac Newton.

Isaac Newton. (Not Helmut)

5. I will ignoreour Unusual Animal Series for just this week to provide a warning: be careful how you treat yourself on Halloween.