44. Peter doesn’t talk about feminism.

“We have to look after humans. Animals had their chance to evolve into humans, but they didn’t, so fuck ’em.”
Mark the Grinner.

1. Mr B began the day with a whinge about Journalist Fran Kelly and other journalists like her. When journalists ask a politician, “Would you like to be leader some day?” that ‘gotcha’ question means however the journalist answers, they’re damned. And, if they criticise the question and refuse to answer it, they’re accused of prevaricating.

Then Uncle Pete took the ladder. Last week he said he would talk this week for fifteen minutes about feminism. However, during the week he made the ‘mistake’ of presenting his views to his wife and two adult daughters. He was quickly and thoroughly set straight. So, his talk on feminism today was a fizzer, but in his usual entertaining fashion he talked about other things.

2. Other topics discussed:
– When someone tends to study a topic and talk about it at length with anyone who will listen (or pretend to listen), what’s going on? Is there a deeper concern not being addressed? Can we discover it?

– If for our entire lives we Australians will be governed by one only Labor or the coalition, do we really live in a democracy?

– Do the people wanting a one world government have our best interests in mind?

3. Mr B wants to know: Are you like Sir Thrustalot?

4. At 3.30pm the rain fell, and we all went home.

With thanks to Peter the Younger, today’s unusual critter for our Unusual Creature Series is a freshwater crab found in Northern Australia. When the river is dry it lives in burrow in the side of the river bank, and estivates. That means it spends the dry period in a dormant state. (No, not Tasmania. In a torpor.) Neither of the specimens below has subscribed to our Facebook page.