45. Google takes advantage of Mirko’s brilliance.

“Every calling is great when greatly pursued.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

1. The words in the blue quotation above can be applied to Steve Maxwell, who turns up each week resplendant, and with a fresh topic to deliver in an entertaining fashion. Steve makes being a speaker a great calling, because he puts everything into it.

Steve had only delivered a small part of his material before he became engaged in a discussion with new speaker, Christian and healer, Danny. The subject was ‘God’, and Steve is an atheist! Uh oh!

Beforehand, this scribe asked Danny: “Out of ten people, how many would God heal through you?” Danny thought for a moment and replied, “About six.” He suspected that God didn’t heal all ten because his (Danny’s) faith wasn’t yet complete. After all, he is only human, Danny explained, and humans are unable to have 100% faith. This scribe thought that answer was a good one. And six out of ten healed is pretty good!

We hope Danny turns up again next week. He has the potential to be an entertaining and exasperating speaker.

2. Mr Bashful is still in disgrace from last week’s shemozzle, though he didn’t act like it. He was his old arrogant self today as he stood on the Ladder of Knowledge spouting his opinions. He began by taking a question from Albert: “Why are the kids of today so narcissistic? They’re always taking selfies.”

Mr B hotly defended today’s young people. He said that if Albert had possessed the same modern social media technology in his horse & buggy days, he too would have been taking selfies. And anyway, even if were true that the kids of today are self-absorbed, shouldn’t we focus on how they became that way? Did we, the older generation, set them a poor example with our focus on money, status and self interest? Wouldn’t the faults that a younger generation may possess be a result of the way we raised them? Instead of self-righteously criticising them, shouldn’t we be looking at ourselves?

3. Thoughout the latter part of the 20th century, Mirko gave us 21st century science, and now his predictions are coming true. Google is developing Mirko’s universal translator, and soon we will be able to speak into a phone and have our words translated into almost any language. No more shall the barrier of language foment discord between the nations.

Thanks to Mirko’s brilliant mind and Google’s money, humankind will draw closer to peace and harmony. We may even live to see the dawn of a new humankind.

Thank you Mirko, and well done!

It is heartening to know that Mirko has been right all along. And, like many other geniuses ahead of their time and not taken seriously by light-headed mortals, Mirko has remained humble. We at Speakers’ Corner are privelged to have him.

Mind you, his dissertation today on his brand of 21st century feminism was a touch confronting. And puzzling. We mere mortals may have to hear his wisdom a few more times before his 21st century logic sinks in.

4. Mark the Grinner had a few things to say about Aborigines, and he spoke well. He is an interesting speaker. However, rain stopped play, so he’ll be answering questions next week! Meanwhile, have a look at his video:

5. The ‘Something Nice’ segment, to charm some and irritate others.

6. Ray spoke where he normally speaks (near the kiosk, so that his lucky listeners get to hear about God as they eat their salad rolls). Helmut didn’t get a chance to speak, because at 3pm rain fell and we all left.

Mr B has just informed me that he can’t move in his house, because all 32 wet chairs are open and drying out before they rust. It serves him right.

Mr B’s modest abode in inner Sydney.

7. Here are some of the topics to be discussed this coming Sunday:
(More will pop up on the day.)
– Helmut will be talking about science, physics and metaphysics. Bring along your questions!

– Steve will be talking about Australian politics and history.

– Ray (and Danny?) will be speaking of more godly matters.

– We will hear more from Mark the Grinner about the Aborigines in the Northern Territory, and explore the claims he has made.

– Why does someone become an atheist or a Christian? Is one smarter than the other? More knowledgeable? More rational? More spiritual? ‘None of the above’ says Mr B. He says he will explain the real reasons.

– Halloween jokes will be provided. Bring one along. And bring a regret or anecdote to tell.

– From an article written in the U.S.:
“I leaned in for a kiss;, she didn’t say no. 
I put my hands on her breasts, she didn’t say no.
I reached down her pants, she didn’t say no.
I went through the motions, all the way up to and through intercourse, and she didn’t say no, so I assumed she was enjoyhing herself and everything was good. Then after sex was over she turned to me and said the three words no decent man ever wants to hear: ‘You raped me.'”
We will examine the article in an attempt to understand what the hell happened. And just how often do such misunderstandings occur?

– Yes, we evolved to be social creatures and enjoy the company of human beings. But did we also evolve a need for solitude?

– What is the importance of Speakers’ Corner? Does it have any?

– When someone asks us to ‘like’ their Facebook page or post, should we do so even if we don’t actually like that page or post, or don’t give a stuff about it?
If we do, aren’t we lying and destroying our integrity in the process? Aren’t we eroding our connection with humanity? In our efforts to help the person advertise their page, aren’t we no better than the celebrity who advertises breakfast cereal without actually eating the damned stuff? (With the only difference being that we aren’t paid for our lies?)
That’s what Mr B will be arguing, anyway. This scribe thinks he’s crackers, and will argue the opposite if he gets the chance. It’s about time this poor scribe spoke up.

‘When we lie we apprehend the ghostly, the void . . . we sense the abyss.’ 
Philopher Robert Tilley.

– Television journalist Lisa Wilkinson’s recent departure from Channel Nine has been said to be an example of gender pay disparity. A contrary view will be put forth.

– Doctors are obliged to keep up-to-date with advances in medicine. How about teachers? Are they obliged to keep up-to-date by learning new teaching methods?

8. We have had our Facebook page for nearly two years, and it’s encouraging to discover that legendary soapbox speaker, Steve Maxwell, has just now decided to become a subscriber. Welcome, Steve!
He even occasionally browses this website!
What about the other speakers? Helmut? Ray? Mirko?
What about the hecklers?
Mr B?
Who cares? He’s in disgrace.