45. SBS visit.

“When I was teaching suicide intervention skills for Lifeline counsellors, we would tell them to listen toenough reasons the caller had to want to die, and to listen for their reasons to live.”
  Gay McKinley

1. Was it godly intervention?Mr B was just about to talk about the merits or otherwise of Zen Buddhism when the SBS crew arrived with a bunch of Christians. Then all hell broke loose, so to speak.

Four Christian speakers stood on the Ladder of Knowledge (one after the other, thankfully) and spoke about their beliefs. They then answered questions from the audience and those questions came mainly from passionate atheists.

After the Christians spoke, fervent atheist Ian Bryce spoke briefly. And then Helmut followed, so it was back to normal. No, it wasn’t. You could never say that hearing Helmut speak is “back to normal”.

SBS had chosen their Christians well. They were all good speakers capable of expressing themselves in a clear, articulate manner. Good work, SBS.

There were lots of chats afterwards, so the day didn’t finish until 6.30pm. SBS got about two hours of filming. That two hours of footage will be reduced to 3 minutes, which we will see one day in a television program. Your scribe will let you know when it happens.

We won’t display the speakers, for SBS reasons.


2. I guess we should represent the atheists and Christians with a meme for each:


3. Steve was going gangbusterstoday (before the Christians arrived) and he was ready for them.

4. Mirko returned today and
made up for his three week abscence by being a pest supreme. He was indefatigable. Resistance was futile.

What do you do when you get a comfortable chair but want to move to another speaker? Answer: you become a hermit crab.

5. Other subjects discussed:
– Was it right the right decision to close places like Callan Park Mental Hospital and release the patients into society?

– Mr B spoke about leadership skills. With all the interruptions he received it was evident he hasn’t any.

– Greg’s great, great grandmother dreamt her son had died in the war. The next day she learned he had indeed died during the night. Spooky? It turns out that statistically, such incidents would have been common and inevitable.

– Was the fuss made of the recent death of Melbourne cafe owner, Sisto Pellegrini, warranted? Was the State funeral he received warranted?

– Mr B told us how one day he saw a man whose facial expression made him look like a priest. The man looked so much like a priest (he was wearing only casual clothing) that Mr B felt compelled to ask the man his profession. “Priest” was the answer. Mr B asked his grasshoppers for possible explanations, and received them.

– We heard Mr B’s weekly whinge about our justice system: a woman suffered a back injury. A Queensland ‘No win, no fee‘ law firm won for her $5,000 in compensation. They charged her the $5,000 plus another $7,000.

– We heard a parable about three saucepans of boiling water. In each was a carrot, an egg or ground coffee.

6. Subjects to be discussed this coming Sunday (hopefully):
– Steve will doing his bit: Australian history, politics or religion, or “anything else that gets in the way”.

– The merits, or otherwise, of Zen Buddhism. (How and why monasteries became insane asylums.)

– The current theories of the origin of the universe. (And hopefully by this coming Sunday Mr B will have figured out the real reason it came into existence.)

– The Rothchilds. Mr B has for some time been seriously investigating this topic and his results could be explosive.

– Another whinge about our justice system.


7. In our Unusual Creature Series, this Patagonian Mara posed for our Facebook page.