46. It was raining fools.

“A mystic is a person who is puzzled before the obvious, but understands the non-existent.        
Elbert Hubbard.

1. It was raining fools and madmen today! Heaven help us!


2. Not all the visitors to Speakers’ Corner were fools and madmen. We had a flash of colour today from a group of women fed up with governments letting us down. They did a damned good job of protesting and quickly drew a crowd. Libby in the first photo did most of the talking and gave as good as she got.

They’re all welcome at Speakers’ Corner any time.




3. As you know, Mirko has for some time been giving us 21st century science, and today he presented more invaluable information. Apparently our immune system works through the night while we sleep and dream, and “gets rid of all the bullshit” so that we can awaken refreshed and sane.

If your computer won’t allow you to enlarge the photograph of Mirko’s ingenius phonetic language below, here is the gist of what he has written, loosely translated:

Title:  “How your body’s immune system protects your mental health.” He then writes about CO2, the Adam’s apple, spelling that can thwart dementia, and he rightly encourages us to talk phonetically. Mirko packed a lot into his five minutes of brilliance.

4. Did you know that in the United States an elderly man was sentenced to fifteen months jail and fined $150,000 for digging ponds on his farm for wildlife? He died in jail. Yes,  Agenda 21 strikes again! Peter the Younger spoke of Agenda 21’s evils.

5. Apart from regular speakers Ray, Steve and Mr B, we had other speakers wading their way through the madness. Andrew Toth returned from a long absence and tried to talk about his new project of teaching martial arts. However, he didn’t get a chance to speak about that because the poor fellow was beseiged with questions about his brushes with the law. He generously answered them. We wish him well in his new venture teaching martial arts.

6. John August spoke about the efficiency of our sewerage system, so naturally, one heckler accused him of talking shit. Apart from that, your scribe has no idea what John spoke about, but I do know he drew a good crowd and kept it for some time. He also kept his cool.

7. Other topics discussed:
There was bugger all spoken about sensibly, that this scribe can remember. The unceasing madness of the day seemed to take over and no firm issues were discussed. (Apart from the odd happiness topic from Mr B. Ho hum.)

Oh, one topic did get a mention: upskirting and the law. (Even the topics were mad.) Next week Mr B will be discussing the rising popularity of upskirting. Why, when porn is so freely available, has upskirting increased in popularity? What do men get out of it? What should girls do about it? Is the niqab somehow related?

8. There will be no unusual critter this week. No critter wants to be associated with today’s madness. But you can still check out our Facebook page.