48. If voting could change the system . . .

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”
Japanese proverb.

1. Ever heard of Joseph McCabe? We haven’t either, but every year the Rationalist Association of NSW has a lecture in his honour, and today Steve Maxwell began the meeting by informing us that this year’s lecturer will be Adam Reakes, president of the Atheist Foundation of Australia.

“Upselling to Reality” or “How well do you know your washing machine?” Adam’s lecture will be a humorous, sceptical discussion about the things we purchase and the beliefs we adopt. What is the intersection between belief and material things?

Relax! Don’t have an envy attack! You’re invited too! It’s this Saturday, 14th December, at 5.30pm. 10 Shepherd St. Chippendale. The cost? As you know, the best things in life are free.

And there’s finger food!

Max: 0418 939 539
Steve: 0404 009 294

Steve Maxwell entertaining the passers-by.


Drawing by Steve Maxwell

2. On the Ladder of Knowledge 
Mr B lambasted our current politicians and his grasshoppers for voting for them. He then proposed an alternative form of government in which people vote for policies, not politicians.

3. You have heard of rational beliefs and irrational beliefs, but have you heard of emotional beliefs? Here is another chapter from Mr B’s book for young people.

4. Mr B took me aside today and objected to the comments I made last week on this blog, about his flabby chest. Today, as if he had to prove something, he revealed his chest again. (Admittedly, the crowd were baying for it.) However, nothing had changed; his chest was still flabby. But as I write these words, Mr B has emailed me a photograph of his chest. So, dear reader, you decide for yourself.

Mr B.

5. Other topics discussed:
– “The expense of going to court derails justice”, said Mr B, citing the example of Rugby Union Australia’s cave-in to Israel Folau.

– Across the way, John August spoke for an hour about climate change, atheism and economics.

– Mr B provided other examples of why ‘the law is a donkey’. He says he will provide more examples this coming Sunday

– Mirko spent ten minutes on the Ladder of Knowledge explaining the relationship between his phonetic language and a man’s Adam’s apple. Bizarre stuff.

– Ray yet again had to deal with Atheist Eddie. Will either man come to the lecture on Saturday?

– What will be the best day of Mr B’s life?

– Helmut spoke about tennis and why the top tennis players purposely lose matches.

– Two people, on different occasions, said it would be a shame if Mr B died. Who would bring the chairs?

– Why didn’t the jury find Elon Musk guilty of defamation after he named the Englishman ‘Pedo-guy’?

– Should we try to save our native wildlife by putting feral-proof fences around the areas burned by bushfires? Can we let the forests regenerate without feral cats, foxes, dogs and pandas?


6. This week’s unusual animal from our Unusual Critter Series is the Tasmanian Black Eastern quoll. This one sponsors our Facebook page.