49. Mark the Grinner excels.

“Listen–are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?” 
Mary Oliver

1. Mr B began the meetingwith a parable about echoes, and he received the same asinine questions he has come to expect. Eg. “How did the boy fall over?”  “Shouldn’t there be multiple echoes?”

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before Mirko took the stand to restore sanity to the meeting. In his Serbian accent Mirko earnestly spoke about the human soul. Someone asked a question and he answered loudly and with frustration, “Our soul! Our soul!” For some reason unclear to this scribe, that prompted roars of laughter. For reasons equally unclear, throughout his talk people kept asking him the same stupid question, and with ever heightening exasperation poor Mirko kept having to provide the same succinct answer, “Our soul! Our soul!” Result: even more hearty laughter. It is indeed a strange world.2. Whatever game the audiencewere playing with poor Mirko, it eventuallly ended and Mr B again took the Ladder of Knowledge. He explained who the secret Illuminati supposedly are and then gave five reasons why they don’t exist! At the conclusion of his talk Mr B mysteriously suggested that if he were insisting that the Illuminati didn’t exist, then perhaps he himself was part of the Illuminati! He received a collective yawn for his trouble.

3. Steve Maxwell wasn’t here today, but Mark the Grinner was. Mark took the Ladder and worked Ben the Whisperer into a frenzy by insisting that Australia should ditch the U.S.A. and have China as its main military ally.

Mark the Grinner


Ben the Whisperer

4. At around 5pm Helmutfinally took the Ladder and instead of his normal dour self, he was bright and breezy. He took a few shots at Mr B and a few more at Peter the Younger, all in warm good-natured fun. Then he happily answered questions about the nature of sub-atomic particles. You were in good form today, Helmut!

Helmut Cerncic

5. This year we lost twoof our own: Donny Dodd and Arthur Knight. Neither man sent us this wonderful pendant:

Jon Jermey kindly added a stanza:

I thought I’d be dining
With Grandma as well,
But Jesus just told me
She’s burning in Hell.

6. Other subjects discussed: 
– All the times Finland invaded other nations.

– Should we deem Australia’s economy to be healthy when it’s partly based on high house prices?

– We heard about Mr B’s auditory hallucination, experienced while pretending to pray with a Christian Youth group.

– Has Australia become like a Third World country because its shops are open day and night? And with penalty rates under threat?

– We heard about lawyers’ propensity to obfuscate when creating contracts, even though the clarity and accuracy of plain language is less likely to allow loopholes.

– Do humans have an inherent inclination for war? Opinion was divided. (But not so divided that war broke out.) And, why do people enlist in the armed forces knowing they might have to kill someone? Some good answers were given.

7. Instead of trying to promote our Facebook page with an unusual critter, here is something more in keeping with the season.